Cut Down the Waistline by Reducing Portions while You Eat Out

If you want to reduce your waistline, you need not always avoid dining out. Most of you tend to avoid it if you are watching your weight. It is possible to eat out once in a while.

Do you go by the belief that if you consume less than you are burning, you will soon be able to acquire your desired waistline? Not that simple. Calorie cutting certainly works but things are certainly not as simple as it seems to you.

All calories are not equal and if you choose the right ones in the right portions, you can eat less without feeling hungry. Just make sure you watch your portions. Here are a few ways to control your portion while you eat out at a restaurant.

Start with a Glass of Water

Searched Google for ‘fish and chips near me’ and landed up in a beautiful restaurant to have your preferred dish?

Wait. Don’t take the plunge the moment you are served the food.

Drink a glass of water before you have food. Filling yourself with water will stop you from over-eating. Moreover, the reason behind rumbling belly is often dehydration. Sipping a bit of water will help to eliminate the symptoms of hunger.

Wait for Ten Minutes

Your stomach requires minimum ten minutes to signal your brain that it is already full. Wait before you ask for a second helping. If you are still feeling hungry, opt for another helping of salad or vegetables.

You Need Not Clean the Plate

Most of us are in the habit of having everything we are served no matter how big the portion is. Stop after you have consumed a healthy amount. You can waste a little bit of food rather than overload your body.

Eat Slowly

Take time while you have your food. This will increase the joy of having food and help to reduce the portions. Chew food as slowly as possible, rest your fork a bit between the bites and sip water throughout the meal to help it last longer.

Reduce the distractions as much as possible while you have food. Do not use your smartphone and concentrate on your food while you are at a restaurant. This will help you control the portion size.