How we’re doing our part by coloring

In 2017, it may no longer come as a surprise when somebody suggests the therapeutic properties benefitted by the simple act of coloring. Research has shown coloring to have tangible results in reducing stress and calming one’s nerves after just a few minutes! That is why we at FishyTale are proud to announce the release of our newest app, Color Lyle.

Color Lyle is a fun digital coloring book that allows children to color all of their favorite characters from the Adventures of Lyle Little. It offers 75 pages to color and draw, each with their own traceable keyword that becomes audible once colored, immersing young artists in their work while expanding their vocabulary and affirming their progression.

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FishyTale continues to push the boundaries of learning through our innovative digital products.

No special tools needed, just your iPad, and a finger! It’s like digital finger painting. Paint pages full of interesting locations, characters, and designs, all from the The Adventures of Lyle Little. With so many colors to choose from, we’re sure you’ll have fun creating cool designs and drawings, with the added ability to save them and share with your family and friends.

FishyTale is proud to introduce this new coloring book to the public, and bring a powerful platform to provide children a fun and intuitive way to express their creativity.

FishyTale’s mission is to fundamentally change the way children read and interact with content, creating vibrant, captivating experiences that enhance academic and social learning.

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