The Chile Palm tree at Algés (me on 1934) — Bartolmeu Cid dos Santos ( 1931–2008)

This week University World News published an article by Professor Damtew Teferra at UKZN. He is recognized “as one of Africa’s preeminent higher education scholars”, by the African Union Commission, and was recently appointed by the organization to lead the Higher Education Cluster of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016–25).

The article addresses the role of the modern African university, and my initial reading of it was as part of a community of scholars based at Rhodes University working in Higher Education studies. …

In this short essay, I want to engage with the question above, where the term ‘alt-right’ comes from and what can be viewed as important links between the ‘alt-right’, fascism and colonialism or coloniality.

The phrase ‘alt-right’ — denotes the alternative right, a loosely connected far-right, white nationalist movement based in the United States.

What of course you will ask, is coloniality?

Well — it’s not the main subject of this essay, however here is a one definition that helps to explain why I am using it as a concept to write about the alt-right:

‘Modernity/coloniality’ is a concept first…

Thomas Salmon

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