8 Educational Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

These days, your kids education is the most important… but we all know in order for your kids to like education, it must be fun! We have hand picked 10 of the best educational subscription boxes for kids.

1. Ivy Kids

Ivy Kids is the premier monthly subscription box for children ages 3–8. Ivy Kids is dedicated to giving you better quality time with your children by giving parents the tools to help kids with all of their math, English, and science educational needs. Set your child up for success by engaging in the innovative activities and games in the Ivy Kids box.

2. Box Me Mommy

Make mom’s month with Box Me Mommy, the monthly subscription service for mom. Box Me Mommy knows that mom is one busy bee! To help her out, Box Me Mommy brings fun and relevant books, toys, puzzles, and other goodies right to her doorstep. Every box contains 4–5 different items that are personalized just for mom

3. Little Fun Club

Little Fun Club is great for children up to 12 years of age. When you sign up to Little Fun Club, you will receive a box containing three age appropriate children’s books every month. When you sign up, you enter your child’s age and they will send books with a combined retail value higher than the amount paid. If you want to get your kids imagination growing, than Little Fun Club is for you.

4. Fresh BiB

Fresh Bib puts parents at ease with their subscription baby service. Fresh Bib was created by two caring parents that wanted to help other parents by sending them eco-friendly boxes full of the things babies need most, bibs, teething accessories, and other safe products parents and babies will love! Every box also features and encouraging note to tired parents

5. Lil’ Bear Book Club

Give your kids the gift of reading with the Lil Bear Book Club! With this monthly subscription box, your child will receive three to four fun and exciting board or picture books. Every box comes to you at the best value out there with this exclusive membership. How do you sign up? Just tell Lil Bear your child’s book preferences and let them take care of the rest!

6. Pley

Let your kids play with the coolest toys with Pley, the monthly toy rental subscription service. This innovative box helps parent save money and space by having parent pick out the specific toys that kids want to play with online, then having them delivered once a month. Once they are done playing with these toys, simply swap it out for the next one.

7. Surpise Ride

Take your kids on a Surprise Ride with this monthly subscription box. As seen on the popular TV show, Shark Tank, Surprise Ride sends children fun and educational activities that help engage children in arts, STEM, geography, and history. This box is perfect for any child who is 6–11. Simply sign up and let Surprise Ride delight your child every month.

8. Doodle Crate

Let your child be inspired by Doodle Crate, the monthly subscription box for creative kids. Brought to you by the popular Kiwi Crate, Doodle Crate sends kids a kit of hands-on creative material to work with every month. Kids love these boxes full of design sheets and tons of DIY activities. Doodle Crate helps kids make amazing, expressive, educational pieces that will keep them laughing and learning all year long.

9. Tinker Crate

Make building fun and educational with Kiwi Crate’s Tinker Crate, the monthly subscription box exclusively for kids who love hands on projects. These crates are hands on, educational, creative, and just.. Fun! Every month, kids will be delighted with a tinker magazine filled with experiments and DIY’s, an original building project, and kid friendly instructions.

10. Kiwibop Postcard Pals

Make learning fun with Kiwibop Postcard Pals! This monthly postcard subscription service sends children awesome postcards that engage them while creating continuing education on important reading skills. Every month kids receive four different postcards from one of the zany postcard pals with educational facts and cool pictures.

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