How to love a fat person.
Your Fat Friend

I was always the fat girl.. but I was also the geeky girl. I didn’t try and didn’t want to fit into the popular cliques. I made my own place and fit into it fine. I satiated my need for affection by going after the geeky people, some of which were quite attractive physically but the popular people didn’t want to have anything to do with because they had too much going on between their ears — and that’s what made them most attractive to me! I met my husband while playing an MMORPG, where you get to know someone first through text chat, later through some voice chat if you’re in the same guild/raiding party, and pictures/video far into the “mutual interest” part of the relationship build-up. Thankfully Hubby has always preferred big women and hasn’t let society’s teaching effect his natural desires, he was very pleased when I finally sent pictures. And I wasn’t worried when I sent them, I already knew I had him based upon the attractiveness of my intellect, but damn it’s nice to be wanted and desired.. I’ve had lots of partners, lovers, and respectful relationships but never before one where they so voraciously desired my body as well as my mind. There is that perfect someone out there for everyone — thin, fat, pretty, ugly, smart, dumb, completely average in every way — you just have to find them. And I had to throw out some of my “soft rules” to find mine, he was average weight, just above average height and attractive (I usually went for tall and very skinny), and he is 12 1/2 years younger than me* (I always stayed within 5 or so years age difference). Don’t be afraid to look outside the box you’ve made for yourself, that hunky blond guy in the coffee shop might be your other half just waiting for you.

*Don’t worry, he wasn’t jail bait. LOL