ENIGMA by Kathryn David

Ariel had taken a journey to dig deep within her soul in an effort to uncover the mystery beneath the rubble that was her life. She couldn’t do this alone but tried nonetheless. Digging through doom and gloom, she had embarked on a mission to complete the task of finding out what her childhood was like and why she shouldn’t remember it. Like so many out there, it mustn’t have been too happy if she couldn’t even remember that far back. This was the most traumatic expedition that had totally eaten through her very insides, both mentally and physically. The people she had met lost souls like herself — the living and the dead — some who would become her allies and others who didn’t. It is an inexplicable story about the excavation and the methods used of how her past revealed itself and how this affected her present, it defies scientific and religious explanation. Her battles in life started the day she was born. A baby stabbed mentally and physically abused and manipulated and used as a scapegoat. Yet miraculously she survived this. Based on real events and real people, only their names have been changed. Unexplainable events and awesome occurrences always seemed to saved her and it is for this reason she wanted to share her story, not to gloat or punish those who said they loved her or as an act of vendetta but more so to reveal how a human being can almost accept punishment and pain, expect it even and still forgive. How a person can be tortured into thinking that they deserve to be treated a certain way and not expect any different. It is how she turned herself inside out and decided to fight this battle she struggled with her whole Life without going insane or killing herself. It was this battle fought with the help of a very specially gifted friend who enlisted the help of her grandmother, dead now since 1977 that is too overwhelming for her to believe but too surreal to keep a secret. It’s time she shared it. So many messages of growth and impending love. Conquests and tears and betrays and victories. Four years later Ariel looked back at these messages from her Grandmother, messages of the heart, lessons in life yet to come, not so much predictions but directions in a map, heading to one destination: charity . A road map to find herself.