keep it real-a synopsis on life and surrender

-a poetry collection of one man’s truths and reconciliation of the lies that consumed him

“Savvas M. demonstrates how our life experiences can make us who we are today through his collection of thought provoking poetry.
His life struggles and experiences reflected in his poetry are not as individual to him as one may think.They are life’s true realities and their manifestations seen by him.
His reflections depicting life is experienced by many of the young today everywhere around the world.Those who have been met with temptation and succumb to them.The crime,the addictions and the element of self value.Those that hide it and those that don’t.
He writes how we succumb to society’s stronghold,we surrender ourselves to modern day mechanics,forgetting who we truly are as human beings.We hold down regular jobs,follow the mainstream and even lose ourselves in this.
Savvas swam against the tide in the search for something else believing there must be more to life.What was his truth and what was his reality?
A journey frought with opposition and humility by those who didn’t understand him or want to.He attempted to join man and society and become part of modern day politics.He married,divorced,held down a regular job. But he wanted more,so he strayed questioning everything and everyone.
However,unlike many of us,he sought to seek his true identity;his truths.So, he separated himself from the world as he knew it then and ventured into the unknown world that beckoned him.
What Savvas has to say negates the old saying”ignorance is bliss” for it is recognising that which we fear in life,not ignoring it, that makes life pure bliss.”