Human Nature is ugly

What I’ve learned being a human being.

This will be my first Medium article to publish. Though I am hesitant to speak on this topic, I feel it is important to share at this point of my life and I also want to make it a point that I come off strong to introduce my following posts on Medium.

Even though I am young, yes. I have witnessed a lot, in all walks of life. I have also had the opportunity to experience life in a very bad way. It has taken a very strong effect on me, and the way I perceive life as we know it. And the truth is, we don’t know shit until it slaps you in the face… and that’s the way it will always come. Unexpected, painful and sometimes necessary in order to survive. I learned that, we’re all just as ugly as the person were accusing and pointing fingers at.

People are selfish. Always looking after themselves, never doing anything without expecting something in return. That’s why my “friends” will say to me, “I’m here for you.” when I lose my job, my house, my car but never answer the phone unless I practically bribe them intially just to get them to respond.

People are dishonest. We lie, even without reason. Lying is so secondhand to us, that we don’t even realize were doing it. That’s why I will tell my girlfriend, “I love you.” right before sleeping with 2 other woman. That’s why my girlfriend , cheated on me for 5 years but kept coming home to me but finally left me after I found out. How ironic right?

People are savage. They will panic, fight, and destroy just to get there way. When the truth about them begins to cloud the dying light of the shit they preached about for years. You will see them become who they really are. That’s why my bible thumping family raped and molested every fucking son and daughter they had.

The truth always comes out, we all know know this. So why do we keep doing these things? Why can’t we learn to be decent? Because truth is, it’s in our nature. I learned to accept this and to stop whispering about them as they pass by. We will all catch the teeth protrude from behind the mask and their eyes glow red.

We all like to believe that we are decent people, or at least we try to be. That some of us, it was never our intent to be ugly. History will show some pretty horrific shit, this tells me…it will always be like this. Which lead me to my new belief. That everything in life was meant for us to make effort towards but to never reach. You can relate that to almost anything in life. Happiness, love, honesty, loyalty and whatever else you can think of.

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