Summer Fitness Bucket List

Summer is here, it’s finally warmed up -woohoo!! How many times have you said to yourself you want to get out and enjoy it? Or you want to get fit? Or you want to get bikini ready? (Is anyone ever really ready for that?!)

This bucket list is for you- you can use it as a challenge to get your arse moving or you can use it for ideas when you are stuck for things to do. I am going to try my hardest to work my way through it!

  1. Walk along the White Cliffs. There’s a great little pub in St Margarets Bay to stop off at!
  2. Commit to doing 10,000 steps everyday.
  3. Plan and do a long bike ride. Could always take a picnic (or find a pub/ cafe) to stop off at!
  4. Do a fitness bootcamp — there’s lots on offer in Folkestone to find a day/ time to suit you. Try Jess-Fit, Babies & Biceps, Folkestone bootcamps.
  5. Try a new fitness class — you could do a circuit class, or zumba or something else. Gyms often have taster days where you can go and try out classes, or try one of the local leisure centres.
  6. Get up 30 minutes early and do a workout 3 times a week for a month! It helps to get your clothes ready before you go to bed so you don’t waste time in the morning. And decide what you are going to do so you can just get up and do it.
  7. Plan all your meals and cook 5 new things. Well, they do say variety is the spice of life!
  8. Take the kids to the park and play at least once a week - keep moving and don’t sit down! Why not take a ball with you? If you are feeling super energetic, why not do your workout at the park while they play?
  9. Find a new route to walk to school or work.
  10. Go swimming. Well, it is summer after all!
  11. Walk (or run or cycle) along the seafront from Folkestone to Hythe.
  12. Learn and master 3 yoga poses.
  13. Only drink water for a week.
  14. Go to a farmers market — try Sandgate or Capel-le-Ferne. Or try the Food Assemby Folkestone.
  15. Go for a walk in nature-you could go to Reinden woods in Hawkinge, or try Brockhill Country Park or have a walk down The Warren.
  16. Sit and be still — try meditation.
  17. Run or walk a 5K.
  18. Get back on your bike and feel the wind in your hair! You could always stop off for a coffee (and some cake- you’ve earned it!) at 13cc in Folkestone!
  19. Give yourself a spa treatment.
  20. Have some fun on the water and try a water sport -paddleboarding anyone?

Whatever you choose- #getoutside and have some fun! Why not post us a pic to show us with the hashtag #MumsWhoDare.

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