Fitbit Design Spotlight

Janice “ Electronatrix” Von Itter | Senior Product Designer

All photos taken by: Analia Ibargoyen


Fitbit Design Spotlight allows you to get to know our team on a more personal level. Plus we’re pretty cool so there’s that too.

What did you do before Fitbit?

GoPro: Senior Interaction Designer

FUSE Labs at Microsoft Research: Senior User Experience Designer

Xbox at Microsoft: Interaction Designer II

Flying Lab Software: User Experience Associate Producer

University of Washington HCDE Masters

Boston University Journalism BS

How did you get to Fitbit?

Today? I caught the #21 bus, but I jumped off a few stops early because the weather was nice. On the way in I stopped for some coffee and I did not spill it in the elevator on the way to the 5th floor. Definitely didn’t spill it.

Name 3 things on your desk right now.

Light-up D20s, shisa figurines from Okinawa, a star-shaped mirror.

What is your favorite part about working at Fitbit?

I love how hard we work and how fast we move. And how often — pretty much every day — we genuinely ask ourselves if the things we’re designing will increase our users’ wellness. It’s really special to be part of such a passionate, dedicated team!

What is your design super power?

Making sense of really complex stories and holding lots of variables in my head at once. I love big messy problems and I’m pretty good at finding clean solutions for them.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

I get inspiration from people who use the things I design. The most powerful insights for me come from seeing someone actually interacting with a product. I learn so much, every time, and it’s invaluable. Apart from that, I find little bolts of inspiration in music, science, nature, the interwebs… all over the place!

So inspiration! Very ideas!

Hobbies? (other than design of course)

I am a huge gamer and play all sorts of different games, online and offline. Lately I’ve also been getting into running and biking more, since those are things Californians seem to do all year round. I also love to travel and see live music as often as I can. At home, you’ll find me snuggling my dog and cat while watching cartoons or cheesy Korean dramas. Or I might be building things out of metal and blinky lights. Really depends on the day :-)

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