Almost everybody suffers on the long term through bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, but even gastric reflux, ulcers, irritable bowel, even Crohn’s and colorectal cancer. Restricting carbohydrates, fructose in particular is shown to reduce such problems for over 80% of patients (Source).
What are the effects of sugar? This will change what you eat
Victor Rotariu

Not correctly reported by the author thus overstating the claim and making his statement false.

The correct reference point here would have been: This study examined 36 people aged 47–53 (or 51+/-3) who claimed to have functional abdominal bloating, and gas related symptoms. They were tested for the mal absorption for Lactose and fructose with sorbitol using a hydrogen breath test. Out of the 36 participants 26 presented malabsorption (six lactose, 12 fructose plus sorbitol, and eight both) and were put on a sugar free diet.

After one month of the sugar free ~80% reported a decrease in symptoms. Although there was significant decrease the study did not show any support claims of carbohydrates in general or fructose to be the root of the solution, but if you have these types of gastric stresses it can be an option for your to try.

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