Fitness Brands Go Big for 2016 Resolutions

Welcome to 2016 — it’s time to, as Oprah says, create a better you. Fitness brands are launching New Year’s Resolution campaigns across the board and the content is truly compelling.

Under Armour — Leveraging their Connected Fitness wing and its “MapMyRun” product, Under Armour is engaging its audience with a You vs. Year running campaign rewarding participants for reaching 100km in 2016.

Adidas — motivated its Twitter audience with the post below, encouraging followers to “create the new in 2016”

New Balance — created an awesome content piece that serves as a “Get Started” guide to running in 2016. Their timely Twitter post sought to hack New Year’s resolution tweets with the hashtag #2016 and tapped into the mindset that, along with the passing time on a clock, anyone could transform themselves into “A Runner” in the new year. The best part? The original post was published in October 2015 — representing a great rework of evergreen content to cover social over the holiday season.

Puma — took the product suggestion approach, pointing out that their PWRSHAPE Forever Bra and PULSE XT footwear were a first step in hitting the gym to tackle your resolutions.

Jawbone — broke the mold with an awesome blog post entitled “Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail” — giving followers three steps to rewire their brains and prime themselves for real success in 2016.

Fitbit — kicked off the new year on their blog with a post about why readers should stop “trying” to get healthy. The message rang similarly to competitor Jawbone’s post above — with a focus on the reasons resolutions fail and tips for changing habits and lifestyle as the most successful path to great results.

Last but not least (well, at least for this post!)…

Dick’s Sporting Goods — put their money where their mouth is and engaged followers with an opportunity to win a $500 gift card to start out the new year. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good and do good. Enter here and good luck!

Cheers to 2016 and achieving your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Have you seen great content from fitness brands so far in 2016? Share the links below!