5 Workplace Wellness Challenges that Prevent Burn-out

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Aug 20 · 3 min read

This year the World Health Organisation defined burn-out as a syndrome caused by workplace stress; it’s more vital than ever to make sure that you and your employees are well. Wellness equals productivity, you can’t have one without the other, and Fitlink promotes a healthy workplace that makes people want to be there. These Wellness Challenges can be used alongside Fitlink’s clever tools and are a great way to keep your best talent thriving.

  1. Cycle to Work

Set weekly and monthly challenges. Your employees will compete to reach a certain distance/number of days. Use your Fitlink branded website with content that you can edit and manage to set challenges. Who can ride the most in a month? Who has the most consecutive days? Track and reward those who give it a go. It’s a great way to increase employee engagement, setting them up for the day as well as providing a low-stress activity for the commute home.

2. Lunch Walking

Employees try to walk their way to the top of the leaderboard during lunch hour. Employees who engage in physical activity during breaks are far more productive than those who stay sedentary. They’ll be able track each other with the Fitlink App while you monitor their progress.

3. Try Something New

To keep it fresh and exciting, how many new activities can employees join? It has been proven that people are more likely to stick with exercise if they participate in more than one sport. Employees can track activity with the Fitlink app which shares multiple activities from all leading activity trackers. One might do yoga, while another swims, while another meditates. Whatever they choose, as long as they give it a try, progress will be tracked, shared and rewarded.

4. Gratitude Challenge.

Employees can use a gratitude app, which can be shared to Fitlink if they choose, at the beginning or at the end of the workday. Writing out 3 things to be grateful for has been scientifically proven to improve positivity and overall happiness. They can share with a colleague or keep it private.

5. Train for an Event.

From a 5k to an Ultra Race, fitness is more fun with friends. Fitlink’s App connects all fitness platforms so they can share and track their activities. Employees will be motivated as they train and compete together to set goals and earn rewards. It doesn’t just have to be running, all exercise counts.

Changed behavior changes lives. These challenges can be included into the workday and are a great way to get well, set goals and see real results. Habits form if they are added to the daily routine.

Fitlink promotes health and fitness, so people form new habits and take less sick days. It’s an easy to use, customised tool that saves time and pointless admin. Try a FREE demo here:https://fitlinkbusiness.com

Fitlink for Business

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