Be active, get rewarded & earn cashback!

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Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

You can now get cashback on your rewards with Fit Link.

We have partnered with a selection of top health and fitness brands to add even more value to the rewards you earn with Fit Link.

Every time you unlock and claim a reward, you will now also earn cashback. Most of our rewards involve significant discounts on purchases so now when you redeem using a discount code we will send you a percentage of the sale as cashback.

Rewards have different discount and cashback amounts so now not only are the savings significant, but you will also earn cashback on them too!

Check out the app for details of the reward and how much cashback you will earn.

Cashback can go up to 10% on some rewards, so there’s no better time to get active, to get rewarded and earning!

At Fit Link, we are committed to making sure you get rewarded as much as possible for all those activities you track so this seems like the perfect way to reward you even more.

Join Fit Link for free and start earning your cashback today!

Visit the Fit Link website here

Download the app here.

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