Don’t Buy Staff Happiness, Earn It!

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Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

Keeping staff happy with perks is a quick fix to a more significant problem.

It’s true that staff are demotivated, unproductive and disengaged at work and that perks will help to change that but like any quick fix, the problem will come back.

Whats needed is a longer-term strategy to create a healthy company culture.

Management needs to change their mindset and understanding of how a modern workplace should work. Staff are wanting more from their employer, and a perk with no meaning just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The modern workforce is evolving, and there are different needs and wants which has a knock on effect to HR where the pressure of accommodating this increases.

Creating a healthy company culture is prevention and keeps the modern workforce fit, healthy and happy.

Investing time and money into a solution which looks after the wellbeing of your staff is crucial in today’s world.

Get this right, and your staff will feel motivated, productive and engaged.

Staff will feel valued that you’re investing in their wellbeing.

Staff will feel secure that you care more about them than just their output.

Staff will feel more connected to the company and its culture.

But best of all, there won’t be a need to send a perk, as being at work is rewarding enough.

Get in contact today so we can help you create that healthy and rewarding company culture that your staff will love.

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