Day 2…..Saturday is fun day.

Today wasn’t particular a great nutrition day. I slept in this morning which never happens. It was 8:30 before I got up. Trust me, I needed that rest.

The hubby took A with him this morning to go pick up his new toy. Yes, that is what I am calling his new lawnmower. I wish I had taken a picture this thing is nicer than my first car. So while they were both out of the house I did my workout.

Yay! It was one where I wasn’t interrupted for juice (water with sugar free flavoring actually) 20 thousand times or so it seems. Or the pleasant odor of a poopy diaper.

Oh yes those are fun times, right moms. So I got to do Hammer Power from Hammer & Chisel with Sagi. Oh and the fun little ab challenge workout Ab Rapido from Brazilian Butt Lift, oh so fun to latin music.

I was a sweaty mess, if you couldnt tell. Now Hammer Power was about 30 minutes and Ab Rapido about 10 minutes. Nonetheless a huge workout and they were back with that Orange toy before I was quite done.

Saturdays are usually run days for us so we packed it up for a short visit with the hubs childhood friends N and M, brothers who live together.

They are nice guys, single and living with cats. Yes, I said CATS! We stayed for awhile, I chatted up M who had been having some health problems, about Beachbody, health eating and testerone theraphy.

The hubs was getting some help on some car/tire projects. The hubs decided it was lunch time at 11:30am. So we went to the local Mexican Restaurant out in Powhatan. There is only 1, so if you are familiar you know exactly where we went.

Now NACHOS are my all time favorite. So i ordered nachos supreme off the appetizer menu and enough came for 3 people. I ate too much I am sure but left about 1/3. I wish now I had taken a picture to show you just how crazy this was.

I conducted business in car. I also checked in and answered a few questions at lunch. I know I know, rude. However, N was there to entertain the hubby and I joined in on some of the conversation.

Our day progressed on and I had a mommy fail moment in walmart. Why am I outting myself? Why not? Am I perfect? Oh not even close. Even though little 3 year old A is my 3rd kid, I still seem to not be a pro. Are we ever really a pro? Each kid is different and man do they push our buttons. Right mommas?

Not the best picture but as you can see she’s a hanful of Sas. So back to my Walmart Mommy fail. We had visited a few stores because we have been tinkering with the idea of raising chickens for eggs.

A had fallen asleep at one point but it was less than 15 minutes, so she waa full of herself. Yep you moms know what I mean.

We were in Walmart and she as always, didnt want to sit in the cart. Seriously kid, just sit in the cart. Right? She wasn’t having it. I and the hubs were loosing patience. I went one way to check on some weights. He took her to Automotive because “I want my daddy, not you”. Cool kid, I am with you all week anyways.

So we finally met back up and she still was having her moment. She was balancing on her feet under her on the cart seat. She leaned to far and nearly went off the side. She caught herself on the cart and I grabbed her arm.

Can anyone say “HEART ATTACK”? Ugh! She didn’t fall but did hit her belly over the side which she blamed me. Ok kid I wasn’t the one not seated and not listening but whatever, right mommas? How many times do we say sit in a day? A billion?

So she decided that she need to scream and cry because I sat her in the seat properly before she lost her brain. A nice family was walking by and the lady stopped to talk to her about why she was crying.

Those who know me, know I don’t socialize too much with random people. This lady was so nice and talked A into #1 no more tears, #2 sitting in the seat #3 bribing her with $2 (I wanted to crawl under something).

She shared with me, she’s a grandma and she has a way with kids. I was glad she talked to A but geeze she gave her money. I felt like the worst mom to have some random person stop and do what I couldn’t.

She told A to buy herself a small $2 toy. I smiled, we parted ways. I think I was 4 shades of red during all this. How embarrassing? Now A is seated, playing with her money, reminding me every 2 minutes that “that lady said I could get a toy”. Ugh! I bought the diapers (yes still, again mommy fail right?) Wipes and a few outfits ahe badly needed, along with a few groceries.

Now this $2 toy cost me an extra $10. Now we all know they don’t want some cheap $2. So now I am basically rewarding bad behavior. I have no idea how to get this kid to behave in a store. Seriously I have tried it all.

If you have ideas, shoot them my way. I promise 1000% I won’t be offended. Shoot me some potty training ideas as well. If I have to buy another pack of diapers, I might scream.

So dinner ended up being food from “cookout”. My stress level was about 3000% and I wanted a shake. Guess what I had a crap day, it happens.

If you think I’m perfect, re-read the Walmart story again. Seriously? We got some supplies for the chickies. We are going to get them tomorrow.

They are staying in a brooding box for a month, so that means a barrel metal container, heat lamp, wood shavings set-up in our shed. Why the shed? Umm we don’t want them in OUR house.

Also they are suppose to stay out of drafty areas and I don’t want the neighborhood rif raf to get them. No goodness I am not talking about people.

I bought my chickens magazine.

So tomorrow expect to see cute chickie pics from me all over facebook.

I did get a nice pair of running shoes, on sale. Yep. Here they are to oooh and ahhh over.

I have always loved Fila’s since I was a kid and $29.98 was a good deal. I have lost weight in my feet….what?!? I know, right? It’s true I was wearing an 8 to 8.5 last year. I had them size me and bought a 6.5 this time. They have memory foam, so comfy.

I guess it’s time to hit the hay, as it’s almost midnight and everyone is snoring but me. I got A to sleep in her bed with that new bad behavior toy she received (bad momma).

Maybe she will stay there. Yeah who am I kidding. As soon as I go to bed, she will be up crying and getting in between us.

The hubs is out and will probably shoot me for this photo but he is so darned cute.

Now that you know, I’m not perfect and I am suceeding in getting in my workout even on a bad nutrition day, come join me in the fun.



Until tomorrow, sleep tight