Get Razor Ripped ABS

With the suns out guns out season among us, it’s time to put your physique on display!

Do you have a tendency to perform countless sets of abdominal exercises, but don’t see any dramatic gains over time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We’ve all got ABS, but only a few are genetically gifted with low body fat. The average guy ideally should have BF <12% to start seeing a defined middle. While the pros have spent countless days refining their diet, you need to first understand the way your body uniquely processes food.

It’s not just about hitting your ab session hard. You also have to understand your fitness and dietary requirements, and refine these in order to sculpt those rock hard ABS.

The abdominal muscles allow the trunk to extend, twist, flex and keep up stability. Therefore, ensuring you work every muscle in your abdomen is essential to see those massive gains.

That’s why here at FitnessGenes™ we have put together a survival guide to help you build a firmer abdominal wall, sculpt those ripped, and make the most of your summer workout!

Here are the top seven pointers to remember during your ABS workout.

Don’t take on extreme diets

It’s important to eat a clean and healthy diet, loaded full of the right nutrients to feed your muscles and build those rock hard abs. However, many believe that cutting down their diet completely will help them shed unwanted fat, faster.

Instead, this will lead to your metabolism shutting down, and your bodies’ natural survival mode kicking in. Urging your body to store fat as a source of energy, rather than lose it.

Your body needs energy; therefore maintaining a balanced diet with a mixture of healthy fats, carbs, fibre and proteins are essential in supporting muscle growth.

Nutritional experts recommend a calorie intake of around 2,500 per day, in order to make sure that you are actively shredding fat, and packing on muscle. However, the best way to get an exact guide is to have a tailored diet plan, especially for you, to ensure that you don’t lose muscle along the way.

TIP: include plenty of vegetables and fibre in each meal! These are full of healthy vitamins and minerals that are essential in building a leaner, ripped six-pack.

Controlled motion

Make sure you are able to maintain control during abdominal exercises. This will not only help increase intensity of the contractions in your abdominal muscles, but also build a rock solid core.

Maintain peak-contractions

Try increasing your performance by holding contractions at the peak of each rep for longer. You should begin to feel those abdominal muscles shaking soon enough. But work through it ! Holding each contraction for longer will really work those abdominals harder, and build a solid and defined six-pack.


Many people tend to think hitting the abs room during every session will lead to monster abs. Wrong! Repeating the same routine will only lead to your muscles being complacent, and won’t challenge them to reach their greatest potential.

As Arnold once said, ‘shock the muscles by not letting them get used to a constant routine’.

Mixing up your workout routine and intensity will encourage gains. Why not try incorporating total body movements that will challenge you in new ways, boost the intensity of your training and lead to gains being more noticeable.

FitnessGenes™ CEO Dr. Dan Reardon

Here are a few FitnessGenes™workout ideas for you to use, to mix up your GTS routine this summer.

Try incorporating the pointers above and see those ABS get ripped


Plank — The plank is one of the most effective stomach exercises to get a rock hard core as they aid in building the transverse abdominals.

Requiring total body strength and brute iron to support a good posture without quivering is key to mastering the plank.

However, if you’re able to master the basic plank, it’s time to mix it up! After all, you have to challenge yourself and work our entire midsection.

Crunch — Why not mix up the basic crunch. Add a weighted plate on your chest with your arms crossed to secure it in place. Then, as you move through the sets, steadily begin to increase the weight.


Hanging leg raises — This workout is great for really working those lower abdominals! Maintaining your body firmly in place, raise your legs up and hold contraction for a couple of seconds, to really work those lower ab muscles.


Side Crunches — Lay on your side with both hands behind your head. Crunch up on your side, contracting your muscles and holding it the top for a couple of seconds, before returning to the starting position. Avoid resting your upper body! You want to really feel those abdominal muscles working. The ache is good!

So pack those weights on, and really push yourself! Staying comfortable at the same weight for long periods of time won’t give you the monster gains you’re after. Continually push yourself to achieve the results!

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