You Vs You: Be Your Own Genesys

With Arnies new film, Terminator Genesys out, we wanted to see whether there are people who have been able to continually push their genetic potential. Making them fitter now in their 40’s, than they were 20 years ago.

With many bodybuilders over the age of 40 still competitively competing, we got in contact with Peter Cusson. At 45-years-old, weighing 205lbs and at 6’3” tall, he has already gained notoriety from featuring in their Top Over 40 Bodybuilder’s list.

It has only been since turning 40 that he began professionally competing, and is now a professional, natural bodybuilder.

Source: Peter Cusson

We at FitnessGenes™ were privileged to secure an interview with the man himself! To ask him on his training regime, aspirations for the future and any tips he can share.

With growing in a fitness environment since his college years, he chose to play competitive sports such as basketball, which didn’t give much room to focus on building his physique. Despite this, he states he has always had a key interest in bodybuilding, ‘when I reached my 30s and couldn’t really play competitive sports, so I turned to bodybuilding. I finally had a chance to start the journey to have the physique I’ve always wanted.’

Listing many of his bodybuilding inspirations as being the likes of; Lee Haney, Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman, Peter chose to incorporate similar old school training techniques to begin building muscle mass. ‘I’ve always tried to keep my training program simple. Old school techniques, old school exercises, and a four-day on, one day off split. I watched and read all the articles from the guys of my time and tried to emulate their programs.’

Peter is living proof that you can push your genetic potential after 40! Asking on his regime, he states that continually mixing up his training and nutritional routine is necessary for his body to never get complacent with the same routine.

‘Tweaking what seemed to work for me and what didn’t. I try to change up the workouts and diet every few months, but I always keep a core of basic movements in my repertoire.’

Performing high intensity training will allow you to continually build muscle by reaching areas that are not isolated during static exercise.

Source: Peter Cusson

Adjusting your workout for what’s best for you is essential for impacting your body and making those gains. Peter advices that it is vital to train smarter, not necessarily harder as you age;

‘I’ve learned to listen to my body and take the necessary rest days that my body screams for. Burning out, and not listening to your body is a big mistake. It slows down gains and has a big effect on me psychologically.’

Incorporating a healthy and clean diet, with a balanced mix of protein, carbs and the essential fats into every meal is also a key element in feeding your muscles, and providing the correct source of energy. ‘In the summer months I clean up the diet to lean out the body fat. In the winter months I try to get as many calories as possible each day.’

Source: Peter Cusson

Since ticking off one of his bucket list items; competing in a bodybuilding competition, Peter has taken a break from competing for now. Focusing on building size and symmetry; ‘I contemplate doing another show from time to time, but it’s not so much a goal as it once was. I will never stop weight training and constantly train as though some day I will compete again.’

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