How to keep your Yoga Mats well maintained

It is sure you will have selected a mat for a reason. Maybe you would have chosen the sticky one, eco-friendly, or any other pad. But it is sure you will have chosen for performing exercises or yoga poses or beautifying the floor. Whatever the purpose or reason you’d have at the time of purchase, I am sure you will want to use it for a longer period and you’ll never want to invest your hard earned money to purchase the pad for the same purpose again & again.

All of us know yoga matters and when it matters, your mat matters. So, it becomes clear you need to keep your Yoga Mats maintained. There are several ways to keep the pad maintained and some of them are as follows:

Comprehend the importance of regular cleaning

As your outfits get dirty by coming into contact of dust, dirt, oil, air or water so the same happens with the pad. Like your outfit, cleaning and caring can enhance the life of the mat for your yoga poses. Try to wash it three-four times per week at least.

Clean your feet and hand before starting practice

You know your Yoga Mats get dirty as it comes in direct contact with the dust, dirt or other particles carried by your feet and hands. In order to keep the pads maintained, it is essential for you to clean your hands and feet with clear water.

Wipe off your pads

Use a wipe to wipe your Yoga Mat each time before starting to perform your yoga postures. Place it at a safe place after folding when your practice session comes to an end.

In addition, use a towel on the pad during practice and air out the pad in order to keep your yoga mats maintained.