4 BIG Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

If you have been following me for a while, a reader of this blog, or just read the About page of this site, you know what my online fitness business basically started in podcasting. I began writing actually, but it was podcasting that really made my business and reach grow. It didn’t take long for my fitness podcast, Fitness, Food, and Freedom to reach thousands upon thousands of people. Some of that reach was luck, some was good strategy, and some was plain old fashioned hustling. The point is, podcasting was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the growth of my business. I firmly believe I would not be making any money whatsoever from my online business if I had not started using voice to reach a wider audience. If you are ignoring the power of audio, STOP! Here are some reasons you need podcasting in your business ASAP:

  1. Podcasting is exploding

Anyone who is anyone has a podcast, right? Celebrities, entrepreneurs, and any personality or authority you can think of probably dabbles in the podcasting world. Those who were early have an advantage, but it is not too late to join the flocks of people starting to podcast. So many individuals and companies are starting a podcast because it simply works.

The popularity of podcast listening is growing astronomically as well. Newer cars are equipped with the podcast app built into its radio system, smart phones have podcasts readily available, and more and more apps host podcasts. Five years ago, most people wouldn’t know what a podcast was. Now, however, so many people have a playlist of their favorite voices and shows. It’s growing, so you need to jump on the podcast train.

2. Reach a bigger audience

Not only is podcasting growing, but there are many groups of people that listen to podcasts that you would never be able to reach otherwise. Maybe it is the person commuting in their car, and that’s the only “me-time” they have all day. Maybe it is just a demographic your type of business normally doesn’t reach! Personally, I came from the collegiate athletic business as well as commercial gyms. In the gyms especially, you could affect 5–10 people a day through training and coaching, MAX. However, with podcasting, I can now reach tens-of-thousands of people a month just by talking about what I love. If your business is stagnant and you feel like you have a limited reach, get on the airwaves!

3. Podcasting is personal

Videos are great. My YouTube channel isn’t my biggest source of income or traffic, but I enjoy making high quality videos. However, as a viewer of YouTube, I know how the videos can be impersonal sometimes. When I watch videos, I am typically

doing other things like cleaning, homework, or working on social media. However, when I listen to podcasts, it is like the host is whispering right into my ear. It doesn’t get more personal than that! If your business or brand implements podcasting, you will see a huge spike in customer engagement, trust, and respect for your authority. This is all based on how you have built trust with your target audience through getting personal with them.

4. It’s a great traffic converter

Unlike some other mediums, podcasting is great for driving traffic elsewhere, converting leads into sales, and bringing in more loyal fans. This has some to do with the personal nature of podcasting, and some with how people take in the information put out on this platform. You are quickly seen as an authority, and in no time, you will be able to point your audience in different directions. They will trust you to point them well because you have been providing so much valuable information for free.

Through my personal experience in building my fitness business, podcasting is one of the top ways to grow a loyal audience that is interested and engaged in what you are saying. It is all about providing great content over and over before asking for something in return. If you have a business, fitness or otherwise, you absolutely need to start a podcast as soon as you can. It will do wonders for engagement, reach, and branding. Stay tuned for more articles on how to start a killer podcast!

Thanks for reading and, as always, stay passionate!