11 things you can actually enjoy on a Ketogenic diet: Singapore Edition

Initially, you might find that it will be difficult to figure out what you should and should not eat when on the ketogenic diet. As the first to deliver complete keto meals in Singapore, we took it upon ourselves to help make this journey as seamless as possible and have compiled a list of keto friendly (local) foods below.

First, a list of keto-friendly foods. A little overwhelming, but an important foundation.

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Next, a list of your favourite keto-friendly local foods so you don’t have to miss out on gatherings or team lunches.

1. Satay

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Although Satay may contain slightly higher carbs than other keto-friendly dishes, at 3–4g it’s still better than rice and noodles! Just make sure to keep your total carb intake to less than 20g a day, and load up on the good fats.

2. Chicken wings (without batter)

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Western hawker stall feels anyone? Ask for extra real mayo to hit that 70% fat count. If you’re feeling fancy, dip ’em in your favourite ranch or blue cheese mayonnaise. Perfect for movie nights!

3. Zi Char (liao only)

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Zi Char favourites like curry fish head and black pepper crab are still options you can indulge in fully. Just bear in mind, deep fried dishes like tofu sticks and salted egg squid contains a coat of batter, which can be quite high in carbs. Tricky!

4. Steak / Meats

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Chain outlets like Pepper Lunch, Astons and Mos Burger actually serve keto-friendly options. Think steak combos and Mos’ veggie burgers — load up on the butter or japanese mayonnaise to make it keto! 
(Note: Corn is actually relatively high in carbs. 3 X more than your standard vegetables. So think twice before getting buttered corn as your side dish. You’re better off opting for a slaw or mushroom side.)

5. Mala Xiang Guo

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You’ll be glad to know that mala xiang guo is modifiable to become keto-friendly. So you can totally be on trend, eat this all day and quite possibly lose weight. Load up on the proteins, nutritious greens and hold the mee. And hold the rice. No rice.

6. Shabu-Shabu / Hotpot

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Another modifiable meal option. Who doesn’t love a good steamboat. You won’t even have to miss out on your Hai Di Lao sessions nor the annual Chinese New Year steamboat. Pretty great huh, seeing that grandma wouldn’t take no for an answer.

(Heads up: Ah ma will probably not accept ‘no’ as in, ‘no rice/carbs’ too. Stay strong!)

7. Korean BBQ / Mookata

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The lard used to oil up the pan? A type of fat you can totally savour as much of, on the contrary.

8. Yong Tau Foo

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Always a reliable option. Just steer clear of hidden carbohydrate options, like the deep fried wontons and other flour based ingredients. If you feel like treating yourself, you can even opt for the laksa option.

9. Sashimi

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Opt for fatty fishes like salmon belly and skip the sushi rice. More reasons to eat a wider variety. “I’ll take one of everything, please!”

10. Smoked Salmon & Avocado

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Now you’ve really got a proper reason to brunch. Avocados are the absolute keto-friendly ingredient. High in fats, incredibly nutrient dense and tastes good with almost anything! We said almost. Pair avocados with any protein and you’re good to go.

11. Bacon / Pork Belly

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Crispy crackling pork bellies, or braised. Melts in your mouth. Crispy bacon or soft bacon. Now you can visit the nearest roast store and just get a plate of fatty meat, and still feel good about it. Just try not to go for that glistening plate of char siew — that glisten contains quite a bit of honey.

Who says there aren’t keto options in Singapore?

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