21 proven tactics reward you guilt free holiday without gain extra weight

We are about to entering in 2018 after few weeks. The last quarter of ending year is full of festivals, ceremony, and holidays. It’s the season for revelry & cheers!

Holiday!!!Most awaiting period of everyone for relax, fun, socialism, get-together and spend time to recharge ourselves. The holidays are most an exciting time of year. Holiday effects our life emotionally, socially and physically, depend how we spend it.

The parties, vacation, marriage season, Diwali, Christmas & New Year Eve are events of full of indulging with food & fun.

Are you worried for weight gain on holiday of Diwali, Christmas & New Year Eve??

In fact, between September to January, people gain from 1 to 5 kilogram. It may not seems like a lot, but most people don’t lose the weight they gain over the holidays. The holiday weight gain is biggest contributors to total yearly weight gain for many people.

The holiday weight gain isn’t inevitable, one can survive the holidays with wellness intact.

1. Start your day with Exercise

During holiday’s you are totally relaxing and not thinking about exercise. So what if you can’t get to your favorite gym or class or find time for treadmill?? Even just 20–30 minute run or walk or swimming or jumping rope help you lot. Just get up & do it first in the morning.

2. Get Protein & Fiber loaded breakfast

Usually we aren’t in mood to prepare breakfast or we have available lots of sweets, packets food, ready to eat foods in breakfast during holidays. Skipping breakfast in order to ‘save your appetite’ probably isn’t the best weight-maintain tactic. 
Take breakfast with loaded protein & fiber. Add in some complex cabs to filler your empty morning stomach. You should make this habits not only during holidays but throughout the year. This approach will help you feel full longer, stave off unhealthy snacking and give you more energy to outlast the day. 
 I use smart food to balance nutrient in breakfast.

3. Scan the options


Make habit to scan all food items from counter before to fill your dish in sequence. Whenever you start your eating without scan food items, normally you take all available food in your dish whether you like or not. So always scan available items and take your favorite or most likely food.

4. Bring your own

If you are on cruse or in hotel or at your home or friend’s party, don’t order table service or ask friend or family to get food for you. Bring a healthy side dish or dessert yourself rather than try to figure out what’s in friend’s dish. Choose wisely take what you like most and favorite food instead of overloaded it.

5. Go Slow

We are in hurry to finish our food during holidays as habitual even we have no work. 
Eating & Chewing slowly may not be easy when appetizer options are endless. The quicker we eat, the less time the body has to register fullness. Slow down and take a second to savor each bite pays off well.
Take a breath and decide if you really want seconds after cleaned your plate.

6. Smaller Plates & Bites


I saw many people take big dish to tower the food so they don’t want to standup or wait in queue once they finish food. Over period of time plate sizes have expanded. Always choose smaller plates instead of tray like one. Smaller plates & bites make us feel fuller with less food.

7. Take Good Fats

Country to country big festival & food pattern different worldwide. Majority have heavy calories & fatty foods habits during holidays.

Not all fats are bad. Cutting butter and oil is good habits. But we need good fats in our diet to provide energy and absorb the fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. Get good fats from avocados, nuts, olive oils.

8. Stay away from Sugar

Holiday is full of high sugary items like cookies, sweets, cakes, pies, puddings, desserts and so on. All that added sugar may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease & obesity. Choose fresh fruits or salads instead of all high risk sugary items.

9. Say No to Everyone

The holiday season is all about celebrating, togetherness. Though your relatives may encourage overeating, it’s OK to respectfully decline.

10. Ward off White Stuffs

The white stuff like white bread are often simple carbs. These foods provide energy as its breaks down quickly and spike in blood sugar than can leave us feeling hungrier, faster in compare to complex carbs.

11. Chew Gum

Chewing gum will actually help curb your appetite, studies prove it. In the short term, chewing gum can keep you busy & make you busy. Choose sugar free or natural chew gum.

12. End to Empty Calories

Usually during holiday season we drink lot of liquid which normally have empty calories. Drinking too much of these drinks make us lose our inhibitions around food and start eating irresponsibly.

13. Keep Hydrated

Drinking water helps you feel full and as a result you consume fewer calories. Make yourself enough hydrated to gain extra pounds.

14. Stop stressful bites

The holiday season is full of joy, even it can be stressful too, keeping up with family get-together for all those gifts. Whenever we are sad or anxious, we emotionally eat lot. Stressful eating more danger. Make yourself more busy in your favorite activities, mingle with friends to reduce stress & stressful eating.

15. See sleep pattern

The holiday is complete relaxing from routine. You enjoyed late night parties, overnight traveling and lost your sleep which linked to changes in appetite. Getting enough sleep is required for maintain weight. Avoid high fat food in night.

16. Plug & Play

The holiday is event of togetherness of friends & family. If you don’t have time for exercise, go for creative ways to do it. Plugged with partners for morning walk, cycling and exercise. Play some physical games with kids & adults during vacation. Do some physical work in home or gardening will help you too. If not get much time do at least for 30–45 minutes daily.

17. Snack Healthy before celebration

Whenever you go out or start party or celebration during vacation eat bowl of salads or spouts half an hour before. The healthy snack habits protect you from overeating. Add some eggs, or paneer or tofu for better filler feelings.

18. Join a Team

Joining some kind of sports team or like-minded community like fitness-theorem will help you burn more calories smartly. Play meaningful games like football, volleyball, basketball or swimming helpful to you. The group motivate you to stay the course and think twice before skipping it.

19. Self-Scale

Scale yourself in the morning when your stomach is empty. Twice a week scaling up habits stick on track of your goal.

20. More H2O Bites

Lets have a green leafy salads with drizzle of spice, olive oils when you are struggling to have enough waters during holidays. Add some raw fruits & paneer or tofu. The water rich foods help keep you hydrated through your system faster.

21. Plenty of Potassium

Intake more potassium rich food in diet. Some of my favorite: bananas, papayas, kiwis, strawberries. Serve up some asparagus to get the bonus of natural diuretic.


As per research, holiday weight gain is culprit for yearly weight gain. Of course, try to avoid holiday weight gain in the first place. The key points to avoid weight gain during holidays as well throughout life.

> Plan your meals just like your holiday trip.
> Eat moderate or eat only the amount that will satisfied, if you can’t resist indulging.
> Make habits of Mindful Eating
> Stay focused & accompany with like minded people.

“One gain less worry less to lose it”


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