School Experience Program in Yasporbi II Middle School Part 1

Learning activities in Yasporbi II Middle School

When the first time me and my group arrive in Yasporbi II Middle School, we find there is very different situation comparing with Yasporbi III Elementary School. Even the names between both of schools are same, the location is also same but just separated by the fence the situation is very different. Teachers and students in both schools were shown the different response of our existence. At the time, we live in groups based on our majors.

At the first day, I observed in VII A class with learning materials is about triangle. When I observed, the teacher who teach in this class, deliver learning materials step by step. At the beginning of learning activities, teacher does the preparation of learning with reiterated the rules in the classroom which are all toys must be entered into the bag, all books that related with learning materials should in table and students collect their handphones to their teachers. After that, teachers start learning activities with making some review about previous learning materials in order to check students’ understanding. Then, deliver new learning materials with explaining the definition of triangle, measure and all thing related to learning materials. After that, teacher discusses the example of the problem about triangle and continue learning activities with given the same problem with different numbers to students as last learning activities.

In my opinion, if the teacher just doing these methods in learning activities. There will be no problem solving conducted by the students. Besides that, the methods who use by the teacher makes the students lazy to learn. This condition is shown when students have quiz because they not accustomed to doing problem-solving, students will have difficulty in quiz.

Thank for reading everyone :)