5 Quick Ways To Gain Weight

Maintaining optimal weight is the core essential for fitness. A person can lose weight for a number of reasons but focussing on diet and nutrition can help the person immensely. Here are 5 Wonderful Steps from our Online Weight Gain Program.

Fruits First

Fruits are packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and very low on fat. Start your day with atleast two servings of fruits on an empty stomach to gain a natural glow. These are high on water soluble vitamins and great for overall metabolism. Combine these with pancakes, toast, milk and other accompaniments for a whole breakfast. Pick fruit in-between meals if you’re hungry or juice these up into smoothies or milkshakes.

Go Green

Include lots of green leafy veggies in your diet when you’re gaining weight. A sabzi of mixed vegetable with roti or rice is a filling meal for lunch or dinner. Vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals needed for blood and protein build-up in the body. Legumes, lentils, sprouts bring variety to what you consume and also give your health a natural energy boost and nutrition.

Manage Meals

Fitrition’s Online Weight Gain Program helps you with a customized “Correcting your Portions Plan” for managing your meals throughout the day. It charts out a system based on your body type through an “Interactive Body Composition Analyser” to help you eat right and its Cheat Sheet lets you indulge on your favourite desserts, sweets and snacks too.


Fitrition’s Online Weight Gain Program is flexible and can be followed even when you’re traveling or celebrating festivals with loved ones. This program helps you select the right recipes and monitor your calorie intake when when you’re gorging on exotic foods abroad. During festivals we all tend to over-eat and go overboard with high calorie foods, spicy snacks and other sweet pleasures. Our plan will help you select only those foods which are tasty and simultaneously in tandem with your fitness goals.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is recommended across all our Online Weight Gain and Online Weight Loss Programs. Our Daily Intake & Activity Tracker will guide you towards choosing the right exercise routines to help you gain your dream body while keeping optimal fitness levels. Exercising helps those gaining weight to achieve a toned look, firm up skin and remove excess flab that could accumulate with neglect. Being physically active releases feel-good hormones or endorphins that bring down stress levels and help you feel calm and de-stress naturally.

Follow these useful tips from Fitrition to gain weight and look wonderful always!

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