How You Can Be Your Own Health Keeper!

weight management program

Here’s how you can be your own Health Keeper!

A foremost aspect of any good Weight Management Program is to help you achieve your ideal weight and maintain it. Eating in Moderation is key to this and at the initial stages a person is asked to completely stop eating certain foods and consuming certain beverages. As you begin to get back in shape and lose those extra kilos, you could gradually start consuming your favourites — it’s ok to cheat on your diet once in a while! For instance, eating sweets, drinking coffee, binging on oily foods or consuming alcohol in moderation which you were asked to abstain from earlier on. Eating in portions through the day is another tried-and-tested method to help you enhance your metabolic rate, gain control over your cravings and self-analyse what agrees with you and what doesn’t.

An essential factor of any Medical Weight Management Program is also considering a patient’s complete Medical History. These help in determining the exact nature of weight gain or weight loss. It also helps analyse which foods the patient is allergic to, has cravings for or is missing out on. Based on these facts, weight management programs can be customised which are in harmony with the patient’s physical make-up and needs. For instance, someone with Hypothyroidism would be advised to follow a certain regimen to lose weight and regulate the level of thyroid hormone thyroxin and to gradually help the person increase their metabolic rate. Similarly, someone with PCOS would be given a customised plan to regulate their hormones and lose weight gradually to help ease out the side-effects usually associated with this condition viz. facial hair, infertility and diabetes. Counselling forms an essential part of this as women often suffer from negative thought patterns and a poor body image associated with this condition.

A certified weight management clinic is always invested in your bigger health picture. Being Physically Active helps a person look fabulous. It also builds stamina, willpower, improves blood circulation and digestive processes. Weight Management Programs often chart out a suitable workout regimen for patrons based on their personal capacity and health goals.

Your Weight Management Consultant is often a lifelong support and motivator. Regular Follow-ups ensure you celebrate and maintain your health & fitness levels for life. Always choose a program which has a “no expiry validation” which means that these address your fitness issues for life. You could also continuously find out about newer ways to manage weight and fitness by keeping in touch via calls and messages with your weight management clinic. It’s always heartening for dieticians and fitness experts to see their patrons living their life to the fullest.

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