Fitrockr Global Fitness Stats — Q1'2017

After weeks of sport, sweat, fun and great competition, Fitrockrs made it through the first quarter of 2017. League rankings start to consolidate and the season championship battle is getting more and more exciting.

We thought this is a great time to pull and share some fitness statistics. is a free Fitness Platform that lets users compete with each other in Online Fitness Leagues. Users can rank up in public and private leagues based on their activity level. To participate, users just need to connect their fitness tracker or wearable.

We knew that fitness does not know borders but we are thrilled to see that people all over the world join the Fitrockr community. Currently, Fitrockrs are competing across 22 countries. The majority of users is located in North America, Europe and South Africa.

While user locations are extremely diverse, use of fitness trackers show a clear dominance of Fitbit. A huge majority of our users are tracking their activities with a Fitbit device. All other manufacturers such as Misfit, Withings and Garmin are pretty equally spread. However, we do see a strong recent growth in Garmin usage.

So, here is the big question. Which country wins the most championships? We do see a head-to-head race between the US and Canada in the first months of 2017. Both countries won the Fitrockr Season Championship twice so far. Very exciting to see how this develops within the next months.

We are very impressed about the average fitness quality of Fitrockr users. Fitrockrs achieve a surprisingly high overall average, keeping in mind that Fitrockrs are made up of all fitness levels and ages.

Fitrockr attracts both genders with a slight dominance on the male side. Is this because male prefer to compete more than female? Let’s see how this stat develops over time.

The following stat is by far our favorite. We invested so much time in our algorithm which ensures fair competition across personal conditions; and age is certainly one big attribute influencing it. We are very proud and happy that Fitrockrs span ages from 18 to 68 years.

We hope you enjoyed the insights of the stats. Keep rockin’!


FITROCKR is a free online fitness platform that lets users connect their fitness tracker to compete in Social Fitness Leagues.

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