Meeting with Mr Constantin Chiriac was very inspiring for International Volunteers.

-Nobody has ever cornered this city, only artists.

– said Mr Constantin Chiriac, president of Sibiu International Theatre Festival, on the meeting with International Volunteers, who came to Sibiu to work for the biggest theatre festival on the world.

Volunteers from various countries are lucky to be in such incredible city, where International Theatre Festival was set up in 1997 and year by year is improving and changing life of people.
This year, the festival organizers received as far five thousand applications from people interested in voluntary work during this great event. The organizers chosen six hundred volunteers (locals, national and international).

International volunteers came one week before festival and Sibiu has already charmed them with its magic. They brought various experience from many subjects, and different cultures. They have varied motivations as well, but during festival everybody will try to find connection with others and learn new skills.

- I finished University of tourism and I find that working in this great event is very good opportunity to gain experience for my future job in tourism. I like this big organization and I would like to learn how works this big event. I came as a representant of volunteers from European Capital of Culture 2021 in Novi Sad in Serbia and in the future I would like to work for this cultural event, too, so Sibiu International Theatre Festival opened for me a big chance, which I never had before. I can discover so many things and I’m very glad to be here. — said Bojana Krgovic, from Novi Sad, Serbia, European Capital of Culture 2021.

The meeting with magnificent actor, creator and president of Sibiu International Theatre Festival was very special for all volunteers.
- It was very impressing meet with Mr Chiriac. He proves that it is possible to do great international cultural events and make connection with all the world. This city is blooming now, and he cares about details, he was listen us very carefully, and gave good advantage for each individual volunteer. I’m glad to be available how everything is working and I want to see the same in Plodiv, my city, one time. — said Nikol Delcheva, volunteer from European Capital of Cultural 2019, Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

Each year representants from European Capitals of Culture are coming to this festival. This year in volunteering programme will work delegates from: Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Matera, Italy, European Capitals of Culture 2019, Galway, Ireland, European Capital of Culture 2020 and Novi Sad, Serbia, which will be European Capital of Culture in 2021.

Also it have to be emphasized that Japan gives very big support for festival from many years, and big group of Japanese volunteers come.
Over the years this festival became a big gate for people from all the world. So everyone can find amazing chance to make connection and learn a lot about other cultures.

- Culture is very good way to communicate between people — said Raha Rajabi, who came to participate in International Volunteering Programme, from Iran.
- My country from many reasons was separated from others cultures, but we all don’t thinking in the same as our politicians. I believe that art and culture help with understanding. People need different perspective and need to touch different cultures. I want to change people’s vision. We all human and if we understand, we can live better. — said Rajabi.

This festival is changing people’s live. Many of them want to come back each year, because Art at such a high level and the same time so close to people.

- I want to get back “pure heart”. Everyday I work in business in the Equipment Management Department, and one day I recognized that I forgot about something important. Usually I look at many things from business perspective. But when I go to park with my little children, they say to me: “Dad, look, those trees are family, there is a mam, dad, and kids. I have a look, and I see just trees. But this situations let me thinking that I’m forgetting about sensitive things in the life. So this festival can help me change my thinking, and look at life from a different perspective. — said Shinya Oguchi, Japanese volunteer Bridge Project from Coca-Cola bottlers Japan in Tokyo.

The guiding theme of the festival in this year is “Art of giving”, and the sense of this idea is already working in the group of volunteers who share their experience with each other and they want to give it to the International Theatre Festival, and later bring it to their countries.

wrote Malgosia Kozlowska-Doczyk

We are the member of the International volunteer of Sibiu International theater festival. We report some what we do during festival, atmosphere and so on.