Volunteering Programme at Sibiu International Theatre Festival gives Volunteers so many opportunities. They can be very close to the theatre, artists, and sometimes they can became actors as well and touch the performances from different perspective.

This year Jean Philippe Hemery from Plasticiens Volants from France invited some volunteers to help him in two performances: “New World” and “Leonardo, dreams and nightmares”.

Two days, the volunteers were preparing for this project. During trials they could move the body and let the imagination run wild. Jean Philippe explained everything and he always repeated to: “Remember, everything is normal”. …

Everyone from Sibiu can say that International Theater Festival made this city much colourful and improved in small and big things. All people even sometimes they can not watch events, because they working or they are sick, but they think that this festival is really beautiful.

-It is a big impact, which was growing year by year. I could observe this from years. When I moved to Sibiu this festival wasn’t so big. Now is like a picture of Sibiu and people are very proud. It is big economical plus for the town, too. …

To corporate is always necessary every time if you want to do something. We can do what we want by myself but we can improve it more with other’s help.

It was the first time for me to attend artists even more from other countries.
When we had lectures about volunteer programs, Mayumi said “You are front man”. Even if you are totally new to Sibiu, it does not matter for guests. In spite of where we came from, guests need our help.

I attended one company from Barcelona, Spain. Their name is Cia Mar Gómez. They were two in…

fot. Magu Sumita

Romanian Volunteers have very big enthusiasm for work at Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

There are four hundred thirty local volunteers from Sibiu. Many of them are very young, they are proud of the festival and want to help a lot.

During the press conference Mr Constantin Chiriac mentioned many times volunteers and he had accentuated how their work is important because they always put their passion and positive energy.

- It is my first time to be a volunteer at Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

When I came here to sign my application I wasn’t very close to the theatre, but…

-Nobody has ever cornered this city, only artists.

– said Mr Constantin Chiriac, president of Sibiu International Theatre Festival, on the meeting with International Volunteers, who came to Sibiu to work for the biggest theatre festival on the world.

Volunteers from various countries are lucky to be in such incredible city, where International Theatre Festival was set up in 1997 and year by year is improving and changing life of people.
This year, the festival organizers received as far five thousand applications from people interested in voluntary work during this great event. …

FITS International Volunteers

We are the member of the International volunteer of Sibiu International theater festival. We report some what we do during festival, atmosphere and so on.

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