What I learned today

Just thought that I should do a short introduction before I write the story.
Hello, you can call me Fits or Fitz. I’m an introvert (yes, people need to know that lol). According to 16personalities.com, my personality is ISTP. In one word, I would say my personality is complicated (well, I don’t think there’s anyone calling themselves complicated).
Anyway, this is my first time writing on public website after a long, long time. The last time I did this… maybe, like, more than a year ago. Lol I don’t know, I don’t really remember. But, yeah, I am quite happy to write again. Yay~

Okay, so. Here it goes.
Currently I am working as an internee at this office and I like it there. I got to learn many things. I repeat, MANY things. I am surrounded by people — great people — who are passionate and inspiring professionals, who care to share everything they knew, and all.
One thing I learned today is from a true story from a friend at the office. She was one of the strongest woman I’ve known in my life. I am very grateful to meet someone like her. I would say she has got such a big heart. She has gone through so many things I could never imagine. That makes me feel like, who am I to complain with my life when I have so many things to be grateful for.
This friend came from a broken-family. I mean, like, literally broken. Before I met her, my definition of a broken-family was the parents divorced and the child/children got to choose with whom they want to live when they reach the age of 17 (or something like that, not really sure). When she told me her story, I was like, OH MY GOODNESS.
Her parents divorced when she was around 7 or 8 years old. She has 4 siblings. They used to be close when they were little. But now her siblings were married and everything had changed. They were like having cold war, that they don’t really talk to each other anymore. Her biological father died several years ago. Her biological mother, after got married again, treated her quite bad, I would say. The mother seemed to not want to acknowledge my friend as her daughter anymore.
Now she lives in the city with her brother and his family. Things just don’t work that well for her. She was treated like she was a stranger living in that house. At first, I was surprised. How can that happen when it is your own family you’re living with?
And it comes to conclusion that what she’s dealing with is so much bigger than my problem. I also have a problem regarding my family, and I sometimes feel like life is not fair. I was wrong. Her problem regarding her family is more epic in a way I would never think of, that I couldn’t find words to describe. It’s like something you can only find in soap operas or dramas or movies, you name it. It’s just so unreal until someone you know experienced it him/herself.
In the end, I feel very shameful of myself for being so immature, thinking how hard my life is. Someone is surviving a harder, and even a painful life and she is still able to smile. She even doesn’t hate those people who hurt her. She is not envious of other people who seem to have a wonderful life that she probably can’t imagine.
Life gives her lemon (or maybe more bitter things like bitter gourd *just googled it lol*), but God gave her such a big heart. Being big-hearted makes her one of the strongest woman I’ve known. I admire her for being not selfish, for being so caring to others, to that extent she easily worries about them (when she actually doesn’t have to!).
Once again, I am shameful of myself. Who am I to be not happy with my life. Life is not unfair. Life is fair. God is The Most Justice. Who are we to state life is unfair?

To sum up, we have to be more grateful to God for giving us such a beautiful life. God is The Most Merciful that He always gives us chances every single day to be a better person. After all, everything happens for a reason. We need to be more positive-thinking and we should look things at the brighter side.