Brand Update — April 2017

We have always been proud and fortunate to call ourselves Fitsapp. Aside from offering discoverability in the App Store, it is a memorable word and does what it says on the tin.

But fitness has also always been only half of the story. And for many who first come across us, whether it’s online or through word of mouth, will understandably think that it is only the physical side that we focus on. But as you probably know by now, we believe fitness is so much more than simply looking good. It’s about feeling good, and discovering who you are in the process — which all takes place on the inside. We combine the mental with the physical side of fitness, and we are dedicated to educating people on how the two go hand in hand. An unhealthy mind, even in a healthy body, will ultimately destroy health.

The other part of Fitsapp that people often associate with (again understandably), is the ‘app’. We have always aspired to be more than a digital solution. Despite using technology to reach and educate as many people as possible, we strongly believe a tech-only offering will only get you so far and we should not lose sight of the importance of the human touch.

That is why we have invested so much time in building our coach platform, as well as offline events in Norway, which include training camps and other exclusive offerings. Our recently updated journal also provides access to essential global wellness news, breaking industry news, consumer trends and insights.

In short, we have always been committed to becoming a leading lifestyle brand, and not only a mobile application.

But what to call ourselves? We are very grateful to all those that came up with (some very creative) suggestions. But since this rebrand does not represent a significant change in what we do, we have decided to keep it clean and simple.

So without keeping the suspense any longer (what suspense I know…), Fitsapp will now become part of our bigger, bolder and brighter…

Again, there is absolutely no change in what we stand for or strive to do.

We know that when people prioritise their well-being through mental and physical training, their decision-making, creativity and happiness improve dramatically. We are committed to helping people improve their health and provide tools and experiences to do this.

We strive to generate improved feelings and willpower in people, and not just physical appearances — fostering a community in which people can share their experiences and inspire one another through their progress and events they attend.

And we remain realistic. A colourful marketing campaign that promises a ‘guaranteed bikini body in 4 weeks’ might sound enticing, but we will always stay true to what we believe. The fact is that getting and staying in shape is hard and it’s a long and tough journey. It requires both mental strength and physical strength. It is about building healthy long term habits, not short term fixes.

So that’s it!

Actually no, there is one more exciting development to share with you now that you have read this far.

The truth is we have been on the lookout for a lady to take on a senior role with us for quite some time now. When most of our followers are women, we really wanted someone that can further relate to them than we can. But we passionately believed we needed someone that not only had the right skills but also shared the vision for what we are trying to achieve — plus of course willing to take the plunge in an early stage venture.

We were therefore delighted to have been introduced (actually quite randomly through a podcast interview) to Sara Isakovic, an Olympic silver medallist from Slovenia. Despite spending most of her career in a pool, since retiring from swimming in 2015 Sara became a published researcher, a TEDx speaker, and completed a Masters degree in Performance Psychology. In University of California San Diego, she worked on exciting brain research projects discovering neurological factors of resilience in U.S. NAVY Seals, Marines and Olympic athletes.

It is fair to say Sara understands what mental and physical fitness is all about. She has already spent time enhancing our mental training content and even realised her own eBook with voice guided audio sessions included — see here

One of Sara’s roles will also be tied to our coach platform, which remains sold out as we limit the number of new subscribers in order to continue to optimising the experience for both our trainers and clients. Sara will offer our trainers and coaches mental training support and guidance and be responsible for selecting new trainers as we look to scale through the rest of 2017.

We are delighted to welcome Sara and very much look forward to working with her.

That’s all for now but we are very grateful for the support we have received and as always please do get in touch with any questions or feedback you might have.

We are very excited to continue this journey and are really glad that people are really starting to become more aware of what works and what doesn’t work in fitness, by not only listening to their bodies, but also addressing their mind.

On that note, think inside, get outside and hope to hear from you soon!

Marcus & Chris

Fitsmind Co-Founders


Originally published at Fitsmind.

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