Hasty Pudding

Ch-ch-chia seeds

Chia is a hot super-food — one of those marvelous ingredients that surges in the press as a panacea to well almost everything ☺What’s particularly interesting about chia seeds is that this is in fact their great second act of zeitgeisty Americana. Chia first entered the cultural imagination as the adorably named chia pets….

Chia are all about the antioxidant benefits and while the big claim to fame is the Omega 3 richness — this is mainly in the form of CLA and is not as bioavailable (See Omega 3some). I personally like the phosphorous (for protein synthesis) and the fibre to combat belly bloat and the mucilaginous gel when chia seeds are in contact with liquids to stabilize blood sugar.

The major alternate use of the chia seeds’ mucilaginous (yes I like this word — it’s sounds so vulgar but musical ☺) gel that forms on exposure to liquids is that it forms a decent approximation of mousse — a seedy mousse but when one is not eating sugar (see Sugar-Free at Last) I’ll take it!

This is my mason-jar chia seed pudding recipe — I was immune for ages to the hipsterical appeal of mason jars until my friend made me a gluten-free granola in the cutest little jar and now I can see why people love mason-jars — they have really good grip to be held easily and are just the right size — mid-sized tumblers and totally ideal for this chia seed pudding!

1 tbsp chia seeds — I use the Trader Joe’s brand

1 tsp cocoa powder — Scharffen Berger is my favourite

1 tsp cacao nibs — I love these — I know they are a bit redundant with the cocoa but oh the crunchy joy!

Califia farms Toasted Coconut Almond milk to fill up the jar

Stevia to taste — I use the liquid as it is easier to stir

You just give everything a stir — it looks like a godawful mess and then leave it alone in the fridge for a few hours — stir it again until it all seems the same colour and you have chia-seed pudding — now I like vegan baking but when I’m busy this quick dessert hits the doubly sweet spot of health and taste.

I used to put in some instant coffee when I was making the effort to drink coffee that I generally dislike but recently in a springy cleaning decluttering mode have abandoned the ingredient for not being stupendous for the skin.

The original title of this post was that the Spoof is in the Pudding but I replaced it with Hasty Pudding who have earned the moniker!

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