Kent Wildlife Trust CEO, John Bennett (left) meeting with Kent’s Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott (right)

Kent’s Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott recently met with Kent Wildlife Trust’s CEO, John Bennett, to discuss wildlife crime. Which Mr. Scott’s Facebook page shows here.

Kent Wildlife Trust are an odd organisation to speak with about wildlife crime, considering the Trust’s Chairman, Mike Bax, happens to be a lifelong hunter.

Bax is also the current Chairman of Kent Crimestoppers and formed the Crime Rural Advisory Group (CRAG), which consists of several organisations including the Countryside Alliance, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) and Kent Wildlife Trust. Notice that wildlife crime-fighting organisations, who actually have the power to prosecute (the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA), strangely do not form part of Bax’s CRAG.

People wrote to Mr. Scott in the run-up to his election as Kent’s Crime Commissioner regarding how he would tackle those who break the Hunting Act. His dismissive and paraphrased response was along the lines of ‘Country folk have their ways’.

Corruption runs deep in Kent…