Beer tasting, Dr.who, and Being Ritually Miserable With Delnoche

Learning to be Ritually Miserable

Kent fellure or also know as delnoche- is the other half of the “Ritual Misery Podcast”- best friends with Amos since highschool- they started RMP to get together to talk about their week. And to talk tech, news, and just bs period.

Kent also served 20 years in the airforce like Amos- now retired still working for the government- kent does RMP with Amos every thursday- What started as a way for friends to stay in touch… branched into a standalone show with much support from diamond club.

Beer Tasting and untapped reviewing

Kent is a coneisuer of beer- you can checkout weekly reviews of the newsest at delnoche on untapped- along with the latest beer he’s reviewing on - not only does he place his reviews on untapped- its something hes been doing for a while now monthly writing reviews- fun fact: hes also a published author… that jerk…

7 Episodes of Dr.Who Will Do

Not only does kent do RMP- Kent along with his girlfriend sascienne (steph)- host another podcast “blue box travlers” where they discuss dr.who… which is just now getting off the ground releasing one season at time but, if a fan of the series- I highly suggest you check it out to hear their intersting take on the show.

27 Hours Straight Sleep Can Wait

Kent along with Amos and the great people of Diamond Club- hosted a 27 hour long new years eve streamathon- raising over $2000 for chairty… making sure no one had to spend new years alone- kent along with Amos went above and beyond… while not always on the screen- they were there along with the many diamond club memebers- behind the scenes a full 27hrs making sure it ran smoothly- All for charity as well making sure everyone had somewhere to be on new years…

Friend of a friend said

Curtis laraque- "delnoche is a genuine and funny dude and one of the nicest people I know, and I’m so happy to call him a friend."
Sasscienne/steph- Kent has really taken podcasting as his passion. He was so worried when he was retiring about what he was going to do, since he has never had a hobby. Amos and Kent have really found a second family through their podcasting and Diamond Club.

[Got yah… couldnt picture of clyde but he made this one]

Clyde/poodlepuncher- With Kent, there is no barrier to entry. If you dig what he’s doing, you’re now part of the team.
Amos/Ethancaine- No one can take the verbal assault and rampant tirades that escape my pie hole better than Kent. He’s a peacekeeper and diplomat to a fault, exactly the filter my cynical mind and sharp tongue need. I can’t imagine Ritual Misery would have gotten off the ground were it not for his intrinsic sensibilities.

The interview

You and Amos have been friends since high school- how did you end up on the podcasting journey together?

Kent- “That was all amos- we had been friends since the 8th grade- we both joined the airforce around the same time- we always tried to stay in touch with each other... sometimes its was really easy... somes times it was really hard- over the years we tried diffrent things to stay in touch with eachother- this was before skype was a big thing- when I got here to new mexico. And amos was in texas we werent that far from each other so, we could drive to see each other once or twice a year but, we wanted something more to have an excuse to talk to each other... we tried a youtube channel didnt last bery long- amos had been a huge podcast fan and suggested " we should try do a podcast" . And it just kind of went of from there- we always thought pur cpnversations were intresting... maybe ot was just our egos but, we thought it would be fun”

People also can read our reviews on certain beers you’ve enjoyed and tasted- how did this start?

Kent- “I used to be a drinker of shitty beers- I didnt think alot about trying to have a good time wih my friends- in 2008 I was stationed in germany. And when you go some place new you have to try the local brew right? Instantly I was like "oh wow beer can taste good? I dont uncerstand" it was an eye opening experince for me. And I wanted to try every beer on the planet so, I tried every european beer that i could- i stumbled across - its basicaly a map of your beer tasting journey- just this year I stumbled across untapped which is basically the twitter of ratebeer- so people who want a more extensive review of the beers I try- can go to user name delnoche- you can also follow me on untapped user name delnoche for shorter reveiws... like twittet reviews are restricted to a 143 characters”

Amos having already given an answer- how do you feel about being out of the so called "beta phase"?

Kent- We started out obviously trying things- we said ok these are the alpha takes- I started recording on my ipad... "his ipad miny" (stephs laughter)- so yeah… it started out very rough we called those alphas- once we decided on our format. And figured out the equipment we were going to use and what not- we never intended to release those episodes but, Amos kind of jumped the gun- once he figured out rss feeds he said " hey guess dude what I’m releasing this episode... “uhh ok" that was a beta episode- well it turned into a joke and even a tag line- we joked "well when Tom Merrit approves of our show… we could come out of beta"... well fast forward we have Tom Merrit and Scott Johnson on the show- we let them in on the joke prior to recording to the show. And after the show Tom Merrit and Scott johnson said " we were offically out of beta and a release candidate" as silly as it was it felt really good to have that validation from Tom merrit and Scott Johnson"

The NYE stream now finished with you, Amos, and Diamond club monitoring an outstanding 27 hours! How did it feel to accomplish such a goal and be able to sleep when it was done?

Uhh yeah... That was quite an accomplishment- it was several months in the making- Amos and I both almost every waking moment leading up to it we were thinking about it- there was a lot of leg work that went into this- wow! I was so proud not just of what Amos and I accomplished but, at what diamond club did- how everyone came together... the streamers especially but also the chatrealm community- we raised alot of money but I think the bigger accomplishment was getting everyone together for a single cause. And I think it was very timely because alot people were having alot of undue stress. And I think this came at a great time- keeping everybody focused on a certain goal. And not on the negative... and "how did it feel to sleep?" Oh my god… I got so little sleep in the two days leading up to that... yeah i crashed out... (steph) " I think he slept about 16 hours straight not even exaggerating”

Podcasting requires putting yourself in the public eye and being scrutinized on camera- is it ever too daunting to continue to put yourself out there week in and week out?

Kent-As far as putting my self out there... not really… the only thing I can really say about that is- the thing things I do put out there… I dont mind that its public but, there are certian things I do hold back- not only just private things that I shouldnt share but, also certian points on politcal views, things that I might say... were I not associated with the government... that I guess occasionally feels like a burden. And I have thinks to say about it sometimes but, I hold back… it can be annoying to have to censor myself but, other than that I dont mond it at all- week in week out occasionally there might be something going on. And I’ll cancel that because I have a show to do... it can be kind of stressful sometimes but, podcasting is just what I do now...

You and Amos host ritual misery every week- how did you guys come to decide on ritual misery for a name?

Kent- Id be really surprised if amos didnt already answer this question [ he didnt...] Amos actually came up with the name a long time ago- he and I started a garage band with our friend Jeremy- Jeremy being the only true musician among us- Amos and I kind of fumbled our way through... Amos named us ritual misery... which is an obscure line from the Metallica song "master of puppets" not going to sing it for you... that would be an awful thing... Amos and I would always use ritual misery in any kind of joint project we would do. And so yeah thats where it came from

Ritual misery engages with its audience involving chat realm in their discussions- was this something that just came natural or was it planned from the start?

Kent- I dont think it was planned from the start however, at the time we started doing the podcast and were playing with it- We are huge fans of night attack. And the format that they do with chatrealm wow! was just so great. And we always thought man just wouldn’t be great if one we were able to do that... it was something we always wanted to do- we did it sort of kind of. And now were doing it for real on it fits its great... hehehe fitz no pun intended... I wouldnt change it- I love the interaction with chatrealm. And its one of my favorite things about podcasting actually...

And as always What can we expect from kent/delnoche in 2017

Kent- Well obviously ritual misery is going no where- SXSW is going to be our first Ritual Misery live show- its going to be awesome [I’m told it was...] my son and I are doing a podcast called film zone- sassciene and I are doing a podcast on dr.who called "blue box travelers" BBT is a fancast about dr.who starting at the very first episode- going forth from there- after the first season is done were going to release it- than release the other seasons after that... that way were not crunched for time like "oh crap its sunday we have to do a show" so look out for that sometime this year!

Closing thoughts

It took a while for this article- when I was ready to edit than publish… I lost all of what I trasnscribed so, the past three days have been crunch time… Kent is a great guy- I really love his enthusiasm about everything- I had the pleasure of being on Ritual Misery- It was a blast even if I was a F*cko messing up a plug… Thanks so much for reading. And as always we’ll catch you in the next one… somewhere in between the lines…