How YouTube Feeds On Drama And Pewdiepie

Click Bait Title + Drama + Pewdiepie = Views

There’s a lot of drama on YouTube lately. And with the recent changes YouTube is making, its only getting worse. The algorithm that suggest videos is even worse. And click bait titles is the name of the game.

Most media “in the news” to quote Keemstar is based on little fact. In the past couple months, Pewdiepie has been victim of this several times. From being new to ISIS, racist and even taking bribes from game creators.

All of the above mentioned is untrue, most youtube news channels takes a topic. And runs a marathon for as long as they can with it. YouTube has put precautions and disclaimers in place to help with these problems of slander. Yet Some of the bigger YouTuber’s remain unharmed and some hindered by these new guidelines.

Twitter is the biggest outlet to scrutinize YouTuber’s big and small. Say the wrong thing and you will be on a Drama channel. Hell say anything and you could be the news. Drama channels, are actually following everyone they can, just to report on whatever they can.

Getting Roasted Might Just Make Your Career !

YouTube’s new guidelines are supposed to prevent online bullying. Some channels are satire and consist of what could be perceived as bullying. You would think people wouldn’t want to be near the ridicule but, instead most put themselves in a position so they can be ridiculed.

Their video getting roasted by leafy, gives them traction to be in the lime light for a moment. I personally love leafy’s videos, I just wouldn’t strive to be ridiculed for a moment of fame. Still it’s a popular trend.

The roasting isn’t just for the fans, it has become the main way for YouTubers to sling mud. The bigger channels seem in constant war, one snide remark one video at a time. Then when the heat is too hot, it becomes just a joke. Mean while the smaller channels catch no traction, unless they’re pulled into the drama.

Getting lost in the algorithm

The recommend to watch algorithm has been a problem for a while. Say I watch Jackepticeye and Shawn mentions crying. Instead of his latest video, it auto plays into top the ten YouTubers that cried. Watching ricegum make fun of vine kids, fall asleep then waking up to vines playing. And being my main recommendation.

It could work to your favor though, put Pewdiepie’s name in your video’s thumbnail. One of Pewdiepie’s fans watches a video of his. And even though your video has nothing to do with him. YouTube auto plays your video giving you hundreds of views because his name.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve thought about it to make that sweet, sweet pewdiepie money. I mean all I need is a click bait title,crazy thumbnail, and pewdiepie’s name. And I’d get the views along with the play time thanks to the algorithm.

Closing And De-monetizing Thoughts

I personally love YouTube. Everyday I wake up, grab my tablet just check what’s new. Who’s calling out who, how Pewdiepie is trying to fix YouTube one video at a time. It’s become a soap opera and we all love to tune in to see the latest twist.

It’s just my opinion that recent ad changes, are a way to curve and control content. If acting, saying, or doing certain graphic content will make you lose ad revenue. Creators will be less likely to make that content. Just my opinion but, I think it could hinder YouTube in the end.

Creators will look for outside sources of revenue sponsors. Many YouTubers already have patreon accounts, some have been created with in the past week due to ad restrictions. Putting revenue solely in the fans hands.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for YouTube or the advertisers. Once again my opinion, I’ve tried to make a girl jealous with another girl. Blew right up in my face, I hope it isn’t the same for YouTube. And it should be stated I love felix’s content.

That’s it for this one guys and gals, thanks for reading. And always we’ll catch you in the next one, somewhere in between the lines.