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Having Fun And Making Sure No One Felt Alone!

Ethancaine, Amos, or Anthony you might call him by one of these many names- along with his co-host Kent or Delnoche to some… multi named they may be- are the hosts of the “ Ritual Misery Podcast”.

Amos and Kent, Friends since high school- every week (now on Thursdays) get together to talk about anything and everything- members of DCTV even sometimes call in to join the conversation… not to mention the several guest that come on as well!

24 Hours Of Charity So No One’s Alone

Being A Family Man, Serving Your Country, And Podcasting

Amos is an E&E specialist in the USAF- in simpler terms Amos is an aircraft electrician… not only does Amos podcast… Amos makes sure everything is running right for the men and women protecting our country! While also managing to be a father of six… Amos just might not shave his head… Amos could possibly of just pulled all his hair out! Yet Amos still makes time to do what he loves.

Friend Of A Friend Said

Delnoche- Amos and I have always had a very "Yin and Yang"-like friendship. He has led me to be much more honest and public-facing with my uniqueness while I have encouraged him to be more reserved with his own. I think we balance each other quite nicely in that way.

Justin Robert Young ~ “"Ritual Misery is the heart of <>"

Kristi Kates - "My first introduction to Amos was when I was part of a super-complicated podcasting event he was hosting, and I was so impressed by how he was always right on top of things; he’s also funny, self-deprecating, and polite to a fault

Krunchy- I first met Amos at SXSW last year (2016) when he set up a diamond club meeting. He was so kind and friendly right away. More recently he and Kent prepared a 27 hour New Years livestream so that no one had to be alone for the holiday. He was willing to teach people how to do streams. He’s so accommodating, helpful, and such a intregal and FUN part of Diamond Club.

Interview Time!

How did you get into podcasting?

Amos- I purchased an iPod Touch in 2008 and after uploading my whole music collection to it, I still had space...so I went looking for more uses. As a long-time reader of CNET, I found Buzz Out Loud, a CNET podcast. Years later I was listening to Daily Tech News Show, the figurative successor of BOL, and the host Tom Merritt suggested how you could podcast without cost. As I was looking for a creative outlet, I jumped on his advice.

Ritual misuary is a podcast where you and delnoche get together to talk. And also let Diamond Club members call in to speak their mind as well- how did this idea for a show start?

Amos- Kent (delnoche) and I have been best friends since high school. We’d have these great conversations about completely random topics... when the thought of podcasting came up, we knew we had our outlet to share our conversations with anyone wanting to listen to two dudes that aren’t afraid of being wrong. As far as Diamond Club...so many awesome people, a plethora of great conversations waiting to happen, all without a consistent outlet with nearly zero entry requirements. Why not share our community? that so many of our favorite podcasts already belong to.

Being enlisted in the air force... is it hard to find time to podcast?

Amos- Ridiculously… Finding anything consistent in the military is always hard. Add to it that I have a large family and my available time constricts even further. Luckily, though she doesn’t like that amount of time it takes from my life, my wife supports it as my creative outlet- understands how important community and consistency are to the process.

Doing a 24 hour charity live stream on new years is something youve done before and your trying to bring awareness with diamond club community participation- how did this idea start?

Amos- I was alone in Korea for a year. With my family back in Texas- plus the very strict rules about drinking and curfews for military members in Korea, I decided to celebrate the New Year with diamond club. I understood immediately that it could provide some minor publicity for Ritual Misery, but wanted to do something more. Once I found a recipient for the charity (the Lloyd family in Australia), it became a matter of message. Something that is very important to me. And something I have experienced a few times in my life… the feeling of celebrating alone. If I can find a way to eliminate the loneliness for someone on a holiday, it works out for everyone...so an active Chatrealm presence became that attempt.

Do you find it hard to balance your home and work life along with your life as a Podcaster?

Amos- Definitely. There is only so much time in the day so every second I spend on podcasting is a second without my kids or wife. The dream is to find a way to support my family with podcasting. Until then, however, each new episode comes with a cost-benefit analysis.

You joke about no longer being a beta podcast but how do you feel about making it out of that so called beta phase?

Amos- It is very important to me that we present a very professional podcast, even if we are just two jackasses talking story on the internet. It’s a "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" mentality. Dropping the 'beta' tag was more than just words, it was holding myself to a higher standard, that common mistakes were to be avoided and mitigated to the greatest extent possible, not just laughed about. It was a matter of considering myself a professional podcaster, even if the pay doesn’t say as much.

Holidays and the end of the year fast approaching does it cause a problem with scheduling the show?

Amos- Not as much as it does for bigger shows. With our show being smaller, it really allows us the flexibility to reschedule if needed and to grab friends that can guest at the drop of a hat. Also to that point Kent and I have both proven that we can carry the show without the other so there’s no question if the show can go on...we just go on.

What's your take on the YouTube algorithm changes and do you feel you've been affected by them?

Amos- Our YouTube channel captures so few views that it doesn’t affect us, really. I do wish there were more clear-cut answers from Google as to what matters most, without them handing over the full algorithm, so creators know what to concentrate on.

What can we expect from ritual misuary and ethancaine in 2017?

Amos- From Ritual Misery: our first live show (maybe), SXSW & N17, more diverse guests, more consistency, gradual upgrades, and a continual search for the next big skit. For ethancaine: more planning/preparedness, more social interaction, and tangible results from my drive toward excellence.

Closing thoughts

It took some time for this article- thanks so much to everyone that helped make it possible- special thanks to Amos, Kristi, Krunchy, Kent, Jury, and especially Steph (kent’s girlfriend/sasscine) for holding him down for me! Part 2 will be out later next week on delnoche!

Make sure you catch Ritual Misery Podcast on thursday nights. And Thanks so much for reading! Like always we’ll catch you in the next one… somewhere in between the lines…

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