Sitting Down With Sgt “Dan”Muffin

Joining The Club

Diamond Club is a unique group of trolls, hackers, graphic designers, and regular viewers. Trolls are welcome but, they’re not welcome if they can’t be decent in chat. It’s OK to make jokes- just don’t pick on people for no reason.

Its a place you can go to watch your favorite podcast. And be welcomed in chat by long time Diamond Club members. Even the quiet can break out of their shell finding themselves welcomed among chatrealm.DCTV host several shows from comedy- to let’s play gaming. DCTV is also home to several award winning podcast. And Sgt”dan”muffin is the one holding it all together.

24/7 DC TV

DC TV is home to several top award winning podcast- giving them a place to grow big and small. It also is a place for the viewers to follow their favorite show anytime of the day. Even the viewers can find a place among Diamond Club in chatrealm.

Sgt “Dan” Muffin is a prominent developer, programmer, server administrator, and lurker. He keeps DC TV servers together 24/7 so- that it can stream all your favorite podcast. And with its new 24/7 channel, you can catch all of your favorite shows any time of the day.

Now SgtMuffin keeps tabs on everything… lurking in the chat. I don’t know how he finds the time but- I’ve noticed that some of the hardest working people come from Diamond Club… Myself included. Even if all I do is write my own thoughts.

Friend Of A Friend Said

Brian brushwood ~ Sgt. Muffin is the life blood of DCTV. Every time I jump on the page, I get giddy when I see his continuing enhancements... I love that he’s continuing to grow the raddest clubhouse I’ve ever been privileged to be allowed into.
Justin Robert Young ~ Sgt. Muffin, along with an handful of very smart and capable <>, are the reason we exist. And by we, I mean all of humanity.

The Interview With The Main Muffin

This is what you came here for… And I’m glad you read this far I know… I know… You knew all of that already. So without making you read much more of my babble here it is!

Fitz ~ You do several things from programing to network administration. What set you down the tech path?

SgtMuffin ~ When I was in elementary school I remember my parents saying we were going to get our first computer, I vaguely remember going to Circuit City (RIP) to pick it up. I was amazed by it. We had an Apple 2C since I could remember, and I loved playing games on that but Windows 95 had so many fun things to do on it. I started to play around with it more and more. That started the path and as time went on we would get newer computers and I always wanted to mimic our school system how they did logins.
When the school finally got networked computers in Grade 7, I really flipped my computer fascination into an addiction. I wanted to duplicate everything I saw because it was fun and a challenge. I was able to set up a Windows Network in our house with logins before high school and I knew my way around group policy editor better than most sysadmins by the time I was in 10th grade.
Things rolled from there, I went to the local tech college for network administration because I knew computers well but some of the parts of networking I wanted to grow on. Now 9 years out of college I have taught at said college for two years, and have expanded into studying business on my free time, reading up on a lot of materials as well as dealing with it day to day at our family’s business.

Fitz ~ How did you come with the idea to create the prominent Internet podcasting channel DCTV?

Sgtmuffin ~ Well the site was originally an idea for my friends called Brickslap.TV the site was built much like DCTV looks like now, except it was for only a few people. I started to pivot it into chatrealm based channels once my friends started to stream less, even at that time I did have a streaming server which is a basic version of what delivers the shows you watch today on there.
Justin & Brian reached out to me and wanted me to operate the site, so after a few months of working and tweaking it the site was launched on April 1st 2015. It was primitive but it worked, and over the months since there have been small changes here and there, to make the site easier as well as more functional to visitors.

Fitz ~ DCTV is a major podcasting channel with shows from Night Attack to Drunk kids gaming. How did you grow to be the diverse channel you are today?

SgtMuffin ~ People reached out to us, and chatrealm users suggested at the original launch who to have on there. That’s why Viking Lass and Curley is on there. We used to accept everyone but now with the site overloaded with streams to check for I have to be more picky about who we allow to go on the website.

Fitz ~ DCTV host podcast both big and small, if there is a deciding factor, how do you decide on the content streamed?

SgtMuffin ~ I don’t look at the audience, I look for people who aren’t just podcasting because it is a fad and they’ll stop doing it. I want people who I know will keep doing this week after week. It’s frustrating when you take the time to help someone out with getting started and they just give up. No audience is too small and no audience has been too large (yet).

Fitz ~ Several shows part of DCTV are award winning podcast, is that one of the positive things that’s helped DCTV grow to its prominent channel it is today.

SgtMuffin ~ It got the site a lot of press but I am unsure number-wise how it really did change the overall viewers of the website. The use increased a lot once we took on carrying a lot of Scott Johnson’s streams, and just recently offering DTNS video downloads. I think what helped the site grow is that people are welcoming and the site is stable. If the site crashed all the time we would lose people but thank goodness it has remained up, nearly 100% uptime (minus the database loss of last fall, which was my own stupid mistake)

Fitz ~ DCTV brings together all walks of life not only from its diverse shows, ranging from political,comedy, and gaming, But also its chat realm audience. Was that something planned or just something that happened?

SgtMuffin ~ The content is not planned, as this is not considered a job for me I like to treat it as a fun experiment. I know I will make mistakes but I will also make good decisions, because this is mostly ran as a dictatorship I have the power to make the changes I feel are needed, but at the same point I do genuinely care about what people think of changes/tweaks to the website.

Fitz ~ Chat realm is a pretty tight knit group supporting several shows as viewers and patrons. With the unpredictability of veiwers. how did the idea for a live chat come to be?

SgtMuffin ~ Live chat was around way before I had anything to do with the site or even as a fan. This is mainly because of the early days of TWiT and they always had a live chatroom since the cottage. And Brian had a live chatroom on stickam or whatever service he was using to do his live show. Since then people have learned if you want to utilize chat you will have a better show (if your audience is big enough).
Chatrealm being as great of a group of people supplies a unique mix of trolling, inside jokes and sometimes valuable content. I prefer making stupid jokes where possible, mostly of ‘dad’ quality.

Fitz ~ DCTV has integrated a 24/7 channel, this being a living channel of DCTV created content. Was this something created out of its demand or something that’s been in the works for a while?

SgtMuffin ~ The 24/7 channel was built because people who use a set top box to watch us really couldn’t watch reruns easily. They had the on demand area but sometimes you just want to leave something on through the day. 24/7 is designed to be low latency due to how the stream is generated in a way that should have less delay than watching channel 1 live on a set top box (like roku). And with adding in the fun commercials it makes us feel like a real network which we are. We are a ‘community podcast network’ which means we essentially in my eyes means we are a Podcast Network without bullshit ads, contracts, etc. People are here because they want to be here and they can leave at any time and they can do things the way they want without worrying about us kicking them off.

Fitz ~ Finally What can we expect from Dan and DCTV in 2017?

SgtMuffin ~ Ahoy.FM Podcast network should hopefully be launched in that time. This will be the actual network offering a nice site for chatrealm to host their podcasts as well as other shows. In that time too I’m looking to organize DCTV a bit and maybe offer a landing page before going into the stream viewer, maybe like twitch style but time will tell what I end up doing.

Closing thoughts

I’m happy to call myself a member of diamond club! It’s a place that accepts for me for who I am- I’ve made great friends and had great opportunities because of them accepting me. I was banned for a little while over being a troll… I’m not supposed know that… And yet I do… A journalist never reveals his sources though. That’s how I keep my journalistic integrity.

That being said, when coming back I was welcomed with open arms. I never stopped showing that I was apart of the fan base. Even being a member of Diamond Club- I still remain unbiased. If I didn’t once again- I would lose my journalistic integrity.

SgtMuffin is the one that keeps us together. And gives us all a place to call home. SgtMuffin keeps DCTV running smoothly- so that we can call it home. He does so much to give us a place to express ourselves.

Well, That’s it for this one guys and gals… As always we’ll catch you in the next one… somewhere in between the lines!