The Great Twitch Migration

More Veiwers, Better AD Revenue, Plus The Bits

As of late it seems that more content creators are flocking to Twitch… already one of, if not the largest streaming services … with AD revenue from YouTube down more than ever before- along with the chances of being demontized. And your content being restricted higher than ever before- with all the ways Twitch offers to help support its creators- is this the new step for content creators?

Big Names Little Names… Its All The Same…

Most youtubers that are not currently under contract- can stream or probally do already stream on twitch- It’s a great way for lets players to do their brand of content- some big youtubers such as Markiplier or Jacksepticeye- have taken to doing their lets plays on YouTube’s streaming service- Pewdiepie on the other hand not sponsored or, under contract has taken to streaming on twitch

Rumors Of Twitch Only Streaming Contracts

Theres been several rumors of Twitch brandishing a contract for its streamers. Stating they can only stream with Twitch… only time will tell with this- if put into place what does this mean for the smaller cdn servers? That brandish their own brand of content. And what would it mean for the countless YouTubers that stream to Twitch? Only time will tell if these rumors come to pass.

Closing Thoughts

Twitch is where the people are- people who want to watch cooking shows with their favorite creators… “lets plays” of their favorite games… with their favorite personalities… most people do both- stream to Twitch post to YouTube… It would seem both companies could benefit from this but, thats not the world we live in- me personally I’m a fan of both- Youtube has less lag time but lower ad revenue- Twitch has better ways for their creators to prosper with a little bit more lag… I think we can deal with the lag… thats it for this one guys and gals! As always we’ll catch you in the next one… somewhere in between the lines…

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