Any arrangement must prevent — not simply delay — a nuclear Iran

Fitzpatrick Statement on Congressional Oversight of Iran Nuclear Agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) released the following statement Thursday regarding the House passage of legislation [H.R. 1191] ensuring Congressional review of any nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration and Iran:

“When it comes to a nuclear agreement with Iran no deal is better than a bad deal. And there is no better way to prevent a bad deal than to ensure Congress has the ability to review any agreement reached between the Iranian regime and the Obama administration.
Iran is the largest state sponsor of terror in the world; a hybrid of the radical, oppressive hijacking of religion and a totalitarian government inspired by conflict and domination. Because of this, any arrangement must prevent — not simply delay — a nuclear Iran. If any agreement presented to Congress fails to meet this standard I will work tirelessly to defeat it.”

Fitzpatrick chairs the bipartisan Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing which is reviewing U.S. policies to disrupt and choke out the ability for terror organizations to fund and finance their acts. As the leading state sponsor of terror, Iran has been a focal point of early hearings — especially concerns that some of the expected $11.9 billion cash transfers from the United States to Iran between November 2013 and June 30, 2015 could be finding its way to terrorist organizations threatening Iran’s neighboring states and those planning strikes in the United States.

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