Fitzpatrick: America Cannot Shrink from its Role Abroad

SELLERSVILLE, PA — Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) highlighted the array of domestic and international challenges facing the United States in a wide-reaching address to the Pennridge Chamber of Commerce Friday.

“Just this week in Washington we’ve seen the range of issues stretch from a couple of budget proposals and regulatory concerns to our ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran and the crisis in Ukraine,” said Fitzpatrick. “While much is happening, it’s vital that any discussion include a dose of the Bucks County-common sense you sent me to the Capitol to provide on your behalf.”

In his remarks, and following question and answer period, Fitzpatrick emphasized his involvement as a co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus and efforts to forge bipartisan action on measures backing Ukraine’s democratic government. In recent weeks he has hosted meetings with Ukrainian government officials, dignitaries and advocate organizations on issues ranging from government reform to the need for defensive aid.

“Recently we’ve been focused on the volatile Middle East and the possibility of a nuclear Iran. But, the threat to freedom and democracy circles the globe,” said Fitzpatrick. “America cannot retreat from its promises to allies, such as Ukraine, which dismantled its Cold War-era nuclear armaments in favor of democracy and international participation. It is vital that the United States does not shrink from its leading role on the world stage, nor default on its promises to allies like Ukraine.”

Fitzpatrick also discussed the importance of Congress’ new budget efforts for fiscal year 2016 — the first with Republican control of both the House and Senate.

“For years, hardworking Americans forced to balance their checkbooks have watched Washington fail to even try and maintain its own,” said Fitzpatrick. “Proposing, debating and passing a budget is one of the most basic responsibilities of Congress, and after years of neglect, the House and Senate this week announced proposals that set the table for a real federal budget moving forward.”

The House proposed budget would balances in less than 10 years without raising taxes, cuts waste and corporate welfare, protects vital programs like Social Security and Medicare, and empowers states’ to promote innovation in governance.