Fitzpatrick Recognized by Humane Society for Animal Welfare Work

Scores 100% on Congressional Scorecard

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8), a co-chair of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, was recognized with the Humane Society’s Legislative Leader Award for his leadership on animal rights issues.

Humane Society of the United States President Wayne Parcelle greets Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick at a Capitol Hill event recognizing animal welfare champions

“Protecting those who can’t protect themselves has been an important mission of mine in Congress. Safeguarding animals against abuse and advancing their protection is not a partisan issue — kindness and compassion are values all share and the humane treatment of pets and wildlife should be a common cause,” said Fitzpatrick. “I am grateful for this recognition and look forward to continuing my work with the animal advocates on common sense legislation that addresses this important issue.”

Fitzpatrick scored a perfect score of 100 on the annual Humane Society Congressional Scorecard. The scorecard provides a snapshot of animal protection issues considered by Congress and gives advocates a tool to assess the performance of their representatives by tracking key votes and co-sponsorship of important pro-animal bills and letters. More than 30,000 Humane Society supporters reside in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District.

“Almost always scoring a perfect score of 100-percent on animal issues in Congress, Representative Fitzpatrick sponsored a wide range of humane legislation such as the Animal Welfare in Agricultural Research Endeavors (AWARE) Act, the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, and the Captive Primate Safety Act,” said Humane Society President Wayne Parcelle. “He’s a great leader on animal issues in the Congress, fighting against puppy mills, horse slaughter, the exotic animal trade and so many other types of cruelty.”

Fitzpatrick has championed animal welfare bills, including:

Animal Welfare in Agricultural Research Endeavors (AWARE) Act [H.R. 746]

  • This bill would require federally conducted agricultural research to meet the minimum standards of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). All federal agencies, regardless of their mission, should ensure that taxpayer funds are appropriately used in a transparent and humane manner. Passage of the AWARE Act will require that research conducted at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC) and other federally run facilities meet certain necessary benchmarks of other animal research.

Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT) Act [H.R. 2293]

  • This bill would empower the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Attorneys to prosecute animal abuse cases that cross state lines

Pet and Women Safety Act of 2015 [H.R.1258]

  • This bill would prohibit threats or acts of violence against a person’s pet under the offenses of stalking and interstate violation of a protection order. It would also provide compensation to the victims of domestic violence and their pets by covering the costs of veterinary services and supporting entities providing housing assistance.

Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act [H.R. 1942]

  • This bill would prohibit the sale or transport of equines and equine parts in interstate or foreign commerce for human consumption.

Humane Cosmetics Act [H.R. 2858]

  • This bill phases out the use of animal testing for cosmetics manufactured or sold in the United States.