Picnic Lets You Buy And Host a Custom Domain in Literally One Click

While services like Godaddy and Squarespace aim to make it easy for the average user to create a custom website, both inevitably require a lot of set-up and configuration, and come with with a steep learning curve.

Launched yesterday by Billy Chasen, the founder of Turntable.fm, Picnic aims to reduce the labor, techincal confusion, and endless upselling that normally comes with setting up your own website. The premise is simple: you type in your desired domain name, and paste a block of HTML to style your site. You then click a button which after paying (via Credit card or Bitcoin!) promises to get your new site up and running in as short as 2 minutes.

The service costs $17.99 for both the registration of your chosen domain plus a year of hosting. As most who have set up a website before know, this price is extremely reasonable. As a comparison, Picnic estimates that its competitors cost anywhere from $47 to $107 dollars, all for the exact same domain registration and year of hosting.

Of course Picnic’s simplictity comes at a cost. To create a site users are expected to either know HTML, or have already had your site written by someone else in HTML. However, the service provides a helpful page of examples, which has a few popular HTML snippets you can copy and paste to get you up and running. These snippets include how to redirect, add an image or video, or even embed a tweet.

While not a replacement for a full blown website, Picnic’s service can be a great way to quickly give yourself an online presence, build an MVP, or just share an inside joke. The company said it will soon launch an API, to allow developers to effortlessly launch custom sites.

Overall, Picnic allows users to easily build and host a custom site at a great price, and provides a healthy alternative to the cumbersome platforms offered by other domain and hosting industry giants.

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