Top 3 Resources for Cinema 4D Users Looking to Switch to Houdini

There are a lot of whisperings amongst the Motion Design community about Houdini.

Houdini looks awesome! I want to learn it but man it must be hard.
I downloaded Houdini but I don’t even know where to start.
Holy shit what the fuck are these node things?!

Does that sound like you? It sounded like me when I first started learning Houdini a few months back. I still sound like this sometimes. I’ve persisted, though. Now I want to start helping others who want to start learning Houdini, or even transition over completely. Today, Cinema4D has loads of resources for anyone who wants to dive into it. Especially with the likes of Greyscale Gorilla and Tim Chapham. But where are the Tims and GSGs for Houdini? I’ve compiled a starter list for you.

Number One: Entagma

Entagma is described by many as the Greyscale Gorilla of Houdini. Hosted by Manuel Casasola Merkle and Moritz Schwind, their Vimeo page has just over 50 videos dedicated to Houdini. Each lesson is broken down, simple to follow, yet also explains the why behind what they are teaching. Here is their Welcome video:

Welcome Video by Entagma

Number Two: LearnedSquared — Houdini Procedural Foundations with Adam Swaab

Once you’ve gotten a little bit comfortable thanks to the guys at Entagma, you’ll probably begin to feel the urge to learn more. Luckily, one of the best Houdini instructors has teamed up with LearnedSquared for a three-part foundational series, found here. Here is the trailer for the course:

Houdini Procedural Foundations with Adam Swaab Trailer

Adam also has a complete, in-depth, 8-video series available at HelloLuxx, called Houdini Jumpstart.

Number Three: Rohan Dalvi

Rohan has multiple lessons for Houdini, many focusing on the motion graphics side of the program. Having a background in C4D means you’re probably working in motion graphics and Rohan’s series may appeal to you the most. Much like Entagma, Rohan does a fantastic job of creating content that is easily digestible for a 3D artist without a computer science degree. These digestible videos come in both the free and paid variety. I recommend the following two lessons to grasp the foundation of motion design in Houdini. These cover general FUI motion graphics, and basic modeling and dynamics:

Lastly, A Special Thanks to Mark Fancher

I have gotten to know Mark through happenstance via School of Motion. Mark was a student for a course I TA just around the time I started getting into Houdini. Mark is essentially my TA for learning Houdini and not once hesitates to help me in my journey to learn. He helped me compile a list of probably fifty resources, in which I chose my three favorites that have really made a difference in my transition. Please take a moment to check out Mark’s awesome reel and go give him a follow on Vimeo:

If you’d like more Houdini resources, have questions, or generally want to shoot the shit about the industry, owning a business/freelancing or stupid dad jokes, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Liam Clisham is the owner of the content creation firm, Five31, in Bel Air, Maryland and 1/16 of the artist collective, Pancake Camp. You can find him on Twitter or Instagram with the username @_five31.