What it is like to meet Chris Do in person after you were kind of an asshole to him via Twitter

If you don’t know who Chris Do is, he is the founder of Blind, an Emmy award winning agency. Chris also founded The Futur, an online platform for teaching the business of design and so much more. With that “so much more” comes some controversial ideas that people either rally behind or get very offended. I have generally found Chris’s arguments compelling, except for one time. This pyramid.

That pyramid rubbed me the wrong way. I made a huge stink over it. Not in the best way. And you know what Chris did? He listened. He listened to all of us who went on petty digital rants on #mochat, a weekly Twitter conversation for motion designers. Chris even had multiple conversations with me on a personal level via Twitter and Facebook. Chris and I were amicable as we explained our views. Chris listened, and a few days later created an update pyramid from all the listening he did.

Then, it was announced that Chris would be presenting at Half Rez. I was elated and scared to meet him. Chris is inspirational, and I admire and relate to his journey. I was scared because I had to remove the digital vail that makes commentary so easy, and put my face in front of his. Here is what happened:


Last night, I tapped Chris on the shoulder, explained who I am and he gave a laughing handshake with a joke about, “oh it’s you!” and chummed it up. Again, Chris listened and spoke to me and others at the event. Notice how I much I reference Chris’s listening.

Instead of being weighed down by the bullshit people toss at him, create grudges or any other life hindering “emotions,” Chris is a true leader and listens, makes objective decisions and knows people, like myself, make mistakes or react more quickly than listening and reflecting.

Chris spoke with Nick Campbell from Greyscale Gorilla about a number of things at the end of the night, and as always, left me thinking about how much I can learn from this man.

Thank you for taking it all in stride, Chris. I look forward to the Futur(e).