Day 19: Booze break.

Every year I take a month off drinking, this year I decided to take a second month off. During these breaks, I’m reminded of a few things.

  1. Booze tastes pretty good, and I miss the taste.
  2. Having a glass of wine of beer with dinner has become a habit, but it only takes a few days to stop missing this habit.
  3. Drinking with friends has become a passtime, but it only takes a week or two to realise that there are a lot of other fun ways to spend time with friends.
  4. It takes a few weeks to stop missing a nice drink after a particularly hard day at work. What surprises me each break is that I seem to have fewer of those hard days. It’s almost like having a drink at the end of the day makes it easier to get through a hard day, but it also makes it more likely that I’ll call a day a ‘hard day’.
  5. I find myself with more free time. Even though having a beer with a workmate after work is a use of free time, there is less of a feeling of choice and purpose. Of course I enjoy having a beer with colleagues, but it’s a different kind of fun to get home and decide what to do with a totally clear night.
  6. I usually find myself picking up a new hobby, or revisiting an old one during these breaks. This entire writing project for instance.
  7. Life feels clearer and fresher. By the end of a month off, spending a sunny day in the park or at a BBQ with mates I get the nice feeling that comes from being halfway into a cool glass, without the need for booze.
  8. I question life goals and decisions a lot more. I become more deliberate with my actions, and scrutinise my habits more.
  9. I wonder why in the world so many people drink at all.
  10. Say, it’s been a month now — that new IPA sounds delightful. Well, one pint won’t hurt.
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