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  1. An app using object detection to tell you what items you can recycle and what bin to put it in.
  2. A way to browse the web with a group of friends
  3. App called ‘Pocket Money’. Parents set credits for chores completed. The teens can then use those credits for prizes i.e “attend Kates 16th birthday”
  4. An app where you enter your skills, certifications, and tools used and it tells you possible roles.
  5. Language learning/ alarm app where you translate sentences to turn off the alarm.

  1. Airbnb for storage (warehouses).
  2. Facebook should tell you how many times a link has been shared before you share it.
  3. A gas cooker that has a smart pressure system. When the cooker has recognised that the gas is on and there is no pot/ pan it will turn itself off automatically after a set time.
  4. Alexa feature where I can tell her what I have in my fridge and she ill give me recipe ideas.
  5. Car doors should have a pop-out shoe cleaner to help keep the car floor tidy.

  1. A social network for memes.
  2. Trivago for hospitals. Find the cheapest hospital prices.
  3. Ice cream that contains chamomile, and other sleep ingredients to help keep you calm and cool.
  4. Podcast app with a feature to share, store and annotate podcast snippets.
  5. AR pet scanner app. Ability to scan a lost pet and see their details.

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  1. A screenshot app that automatically blurs personal data.
  2. A database of resumes which got people specific jobs so you know what direction to take to get those jobs.
  3. Cheese filled french fries.
  4. An iPhone setting to make your app icons transparent so you can see your wallpaper.
  5. Weightlifting/ gym shoes with a Kevlar tip, to save your toes when you drop a weight on them.

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  1. An alternative to Tumblr. Perfect time to roll it out. So many displaced people and content, perfect opportunity.
  2. A dating app synced with a wearable ring. When you’re in close proximity to a match your ring glows brighter the closer you get.
  3. Exercise machine with an attached sweet cabinet that won’t open until you have burnt a certain number of calories.
  4. AI bin that comes on its own when you call it.
  5. Netflix and Spotify should have a ‘Pay Now’ option on their account page.

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🚀 Most popular 5 idea’s from this week:

  1. An alarm clock that gives away spoilers to your favourite TV shows the longer you sleep.
  2. An iPhone feature where you could use your camera to highlight over passages from a book and then save them.
  3. Gyms should install elastic hair bands dispensing machines.
  4. Machine learning weather app where I…

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