For me personally, I don’t mind the dominant teams so much as the lack of legitimate opposition…
Aaron Fredgant

I love Michael Jordan, but this revisionist history has got to stop. He “overcame huge odds”??? They were the OVERWHELMING favorite in at least 4 of their title runs. You claim they faced intense competition from the Pistons (only played them once and swept them) the Jazz (played them twice which will be one fewer time than the Cavs and Warriors have played each other and they are both far superior to those Jazz teams) and the Rockets (they literally never played the Rockets)…Jordan didn’t “overcome” anything except losing some series early in his career (just like Lebron or the Warriors)…and just for reference, their record entering the Finals each year was 11–1, 11–5, 11–2, 11–1, 11–2, 11–4…that is a full season’s worth of games and they went 66–15…not exactly getting pushed too hard huh?

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