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This was excellent… I also moved here recently, grew up in Atlanta (born and raised), and am in my early thirties…you captured this swelling and compelling story very well, but I’m not sure your words can even do it justice for those who aren’t experiencing it first hand. It is utterly amazing how this team has grabbed hold of this city in recent years, and the pride and passion bouncing around every corner of the city right now is incredible and infectious. Our (Atlanta) team moved to another city, so I was left in hockey purgatory (and like yourself was never a huge fan), but now I’m all in and it seems as though every person I work with, talk to, or see in a restaurant or bar is just as much too. Yes, as you say, it is very clearly a bit of a bandwagon movement, but the hard core fans are real and numerous and the passion of those jumping on board is very real too. I can’t wait to see where this goes over the next couple weeks, but this has been an awakening to hundreds of thousands of people in around the city, and I don’t think the passion or fandom is going anywhere no matter who takes the Cup home. Great article man.

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