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What a weird state the NBA is in right now…Mike Conley is (fairly) rated as a $2 player in this little exercise and is now the highest paid player in the league…Bradly Beal is (also fairly) a $2 player but just signed for almost $130 mil over 5 years…Nic Batum signs for $120 mil but costs the same in this game as D league guys or even me…and yet even with that massive “discount” not one of them makes a single fantasy roster…how in the world are teams supposed to build around guys making $25 mil that are deemed to be league average or barely above?…Tyler Johnson just got a $50 mil offer AND I’M PRETTY SURE HE IS LITERALLY A MADE UP CHARACTER FROM 2K…I knew this summer was going to be ridiculous, but it still hurts my head to think about some of these deals