Dear Millennials — Or, On Holly Wood and the vulgarity of Hollywood

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Holly Wood shit-storming Hollywood, AKA ‘Murica

So, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have a bit of a fan crush on Holly Wood and I totally know the reason why: she says the things I neither have the time nor desire to speak about on the internet (if you haven’t read any of her Modern Day Harry Potter, you’re missing out), but will on occasion go all -bat shit- in. She deserves massive accolades for creating a following on Medium without succumbing to its developed method where, if you want your voice heard, you’ll have to give in to submitting your work to a publication to even get a handful of views (and yes, I feel confident that this post will acquire my typical minimum number of views).

I also know a portion of this crush stems from her relative openness with her upbringing, an upbringing that many 1st-world suburbanites will never have an experiential comprehension of, only to hear her potent voice regularly throw up middle-finger gang signs to the establishment of Neoliberalism with silent nods of agreement. Add to that, the fact that she’s taken the time to educate herself on issues that only a compassionate heart would care to consider, much less study, and regularly proves herself knowledgeable on subject matter that the average person has even the most basic concept of, and I cannot help but to be charmed.

Dear Millennials,

You have been challenged. Do you not see the mantle before you? Overwhelmingly, your parents and grandparents have proven they do not give a shit about you. Any possibility of change for the better died in the 60s when noting by the time those family members made it to the 80s, with its shitty hair, and general shitty style, and external prudish-plastic-Pollyanna, and internal coke induced-crotch chopped-ultra violent jingoism, their world, and yours was sealed by the stasis of comfort and belief that the good life is all about doing what we want.

This isn’t intended to suggest that there aren’t really good people out there trying to do the right thing, but more, their voice and work is intentionally subverted by the powers that be. Don’t believe me? Than ask yourself how it is that a two-bit corporate whore like Hillary Clinton can be the leading contender for the Democratic party, while at the same time, a two-bit corporate pimp like Donald Trump can be the leading contender for the Republican party.

This Presidential race has been nothing but a giant shit-fest from day one (thanks Citizens United and the myriad of incremental shifts to the right). And while I think it’s fantastic that your generation is supporting a candidate who has been regularly demonized as a pinko-commie (you are laughing your ass off at the idea, right?), in an effort to add to the complexity of where things stand, I beg the question, how many of you even know who Jill Stein is? Go on, look her up, I’ll wait.

Among Republicans not just running for President but pretty much the entirety of the party, there’s nobody worth taking seriously because, if you are paying attention, you know they’re all herpes laden puss boils on the sphincter of society. Whereas, among Democratic Presidential candidates, the only viable option is a guy who knows the system so well, he made the decision to forgo his ‘independence’ in an effort to sell himself as a candidate running on policies that no longer exist within the party he’s representing; a lost ideology that died with a used car salesman from Arkansas whose wife thinks feminism is all about being as big of a dick as her husband. And then there’s this third party candidate who’s advocating for policies that I wish your generation as a whole had the knowledge and wherewithal to throw into the faces of your parents and grandparents, demanding that their weak-sauce standards of living are unacceptable in the 21st century, that our practice of ‘trickle-down we do what we want, bitches’ is the primary reason why the rest of the world looks at us in awe and wonders, ‘What the fuck Fantasyland is this they’re living in?!’ and figure, ‘Well, it must be the way.’

I know I’m asking for a lot here. After all, this is revolution we’re talking about, and the unfortunate reality of revolution is violence that will come from those who do not wish to change; and you can bet your life that if revolution actually started today, Obama would be the first to arm himself against you.

Your courage is needed! The world needs you, not just this nation! If you think being a selfish shit-tard is acceptable, that your attention with Kim Kardashian’s ass is far more important than the Texas State Board of Education and the monopoly it has on educational texts, or that you shouldn’t have to care about humanity or the environment in which you live, or any number of truly fucked up Neoliberal policies supported by both Republicans and Democrats, than disregard all I’ve said and go about your plastic life. But if you actually have even the smallest incline in your heart that the world should be better than its current state of corporate hegemonic, perpetual war-mongering, environmental raping, intentionally designed Panama-toilet papered human degradation, than please make that effort to move in the direction of goodness, because the future of humanity desperately needs you! I don’t care if this takes the form of voting for Bernie Sanders, or protesting Donald Trump, or spreading word about Jill Stein or third-parties, or advocating for better living wages, or chaining yourself to a redwood or pipeline, or whatever advocates for love of humanity and the planet on which we live.

Without intending to sound cliché or trite, do the right thing!

Thank you for your attention.


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