Culture Shock
Jessica Compton

Fantastic analysis! I truly appreciate your idea of “culture shock.” It reminded me of the feeling I had after returning from a six week adventure through parts of Europe and N. Africa. I defined it as reverse-culture shock, a subject far from new; how out of place I felt being back in a culture that I was raised in, inculcated to accept and believe all that makes America is the the simple belief in the shining beacon upon the hill. Not that I wasn’t already aware of this, but having experienced first hand another culture, especially from my travels in N. Africa, forced a great sense of sadness over all the effort needed to keep the facade in place, and how easy it has become to keep the masses in line, oblivious and docile.

On a separate note, the only issue I have with Medium is that when great commentary such as yours is published, it has a serious potential to disappear into the internet void.

I hope my heart provides at least one more reading for this piece.